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The Bible says we need to forgive others and forget their Sins what if you can truly forgive a person, but not want to associate with them anymore ??? Does it work ??

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You know,that's a very good question. I'd like to know that,too.

Please do share your thoughts it will be useful for many , God Bless You all :)

(Sorry, have had 3 straight days of solid thunderstorms and internet has been down for most of it, will try to sneak in my thoughts before next wave (saving to clipboard as I write so I don't loose it).
   When Christ spoke that we are to love the Lord your God with all you have and to love your neighbor as yourself, to me I interpretate "neighbor" as all men (in my case since I am ultra nature oriented, I also include God's creation) and to respect their right to life, their own individual conscience and the choices they have made in their lives.
  By His own example, He was often accused of spending far too much time among the unclean and sinful, to which He replied that He had come to heal the sick, not the healthy (meaning both physical but also spiritual).
  I have long thought there were 3 steps to becoming "one of His"- 1) to accept him as savior, that He has the power to forgive our sins by his sacrificial death and thereby inherit His gift of eternal life (although I do enjoy travelling and adventures, I am not at all interested at all in a fully paid few days vacation to hell, let alone eternity: even in my own crippled faith, accepting Him as savior is quite easy); 2) much harder, is coming to accept Him as Lord, to replace my desires and will with what He wants and commands - that all that I have been, am, and will be is His to use as He sees fit: lot's of work yet to do on this since I am a most prideful, arrogant and disobedient man: though I suppose taking the recent step that "my stuff" is actually "His stuff" to use as He sees fit in His work; 3) even harder, there is the final phase of striving to "be like Him", to live as if you are a son or daughter of God in obedience to His will, even if it means accepting dying on the cross.
  Ok, having laid out my "spiritual ideal" path in life, I am faced with the messy reality of life in the flesh and how it pertains to the subject of the discussion. Jesus had an advantage that we don't: He is the son of God. Yes, He said that we are all sons and daughters of God, that faith can move mountains, etc., but He was born and lived without sin and His power was absolute over all of creation and both good and evil. He did not have to learn it, or grow enough faith to use it: it was inherent in Him. He was created both God and Human, we merely have the human part and through the Grace of God, learn our birthright of "godness".
  Even before the forgive & forgetting and not wanting to associate with them anymore part, for as long as I can remember, there has been inbuilt within me an instinctive concept of "my tribe or not of my tribe", of people that I prefer to associate with on both a casual level up to having my life depend on. And, there are people I meet that instinctively set off internal alarms that I want no part of them in my life, even as a casual acquaintance. (A similar thing happens sometimes when entering an unfamiliar church: an instinctual reaction that it is a place that nothing of God is within). 

(and there goes the thunder and internet ping has skyrocketed so I need to get off, 2 fried computers is enough for a lifetime-to continue later! Call this Part 1 I guess) 




  Hello everyone I'm going through the same thing. But I have prayed and prayed about this hurt I be thinking I have forgave ,but this comes to me even when I'm trying to rest. The hurt is so great, I do not know what to do but pray. Believing God can and will move this. This bad thing has happen to me all my life with this  same counsin and I'm tired of it. So I do not want to go around them any more or talk. But if I see them I will speak, praying that God remove all of this." I do not want to miss out with God in behind this"(everyone be praying for me).

Forgiveness does not mean that things can, or will go back to the way things were before the offence. I can forgive  a teacher for molesting my child, but they will never teach my children again. A husband beats his wife and she can forgive him, but she does not have to place herself in the position of being abused again.  Forgiveness does not erase the consequences of the offence. We let them off our hook, but they are still on God's hook. Forgiveness is what we do for ourselves so we can heal and go on with our life. 

AMEN Awesome words :) God Bless you Pastor Bob B


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