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im told ellen white has 128 books she is terrific everything she write is refered to back to the holy bible   1 book is steps to christ   another is great controversey . check it out they are a blessing to all christians  god bless

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thanks for the info havent heard of this before i just believe what i read in the holy bible and if something dont sound right look it up for your self in the bible im so sorry you dad left christianity it would have been better if he just didnt read the books anymore and just stayed with holy bible we know black people didnt come from apes because we are all gods i meant no harm the one book i read was great and many loves her books but if she says anything that is againt god than that is very wrong so sorry for the pain thanks for the warning and god bless

Just for the record.  Ellen White's works are the staple diet of the Seventh Day Adventist church.  I have many friends in the SDA, I think they are good people, however much of thier faith seems based on critism of Sunday Christians and proper vegetarian (Daniel) diet.

Ellen G. White is the last known prophet  and yes we can  learn alot from her books and teachings...i was brought up seventh day adventist and i don't agree with  some people saying we criticize Sunday church goers...i don't .... as long as you go to church i am sure  everyone is there for the right reason.


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