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Evidence of a faith experience(d) due to God's supernatural intervention in your life. A missed accident, a possible angel, divine appt., inner unction that directs just in time. Unshakable faith gained thru this event.

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In my early twenties, I moved to Salt Lake City, UT. I returned home on occassion for weddings and family events. On one on my trips to North Dakota, I was listening to a testimony of a old time preacher. He spoke of a time when he was in New Salem and the supernatural things that happened to him while he was there. People came up to him and told him that they could see two big men on each side of him when he could not see anyone. These two beings seem to be there for his protection. I thought to myself, "How cool it would be to have and know that you have even one guardian angel watching over you". I arrived at my destination and attended the wedding I came for. It was on my return trip that I will never forget.

I am traveling down the Highway not even listening to radio. Being a little tired of my own conversation, silence filled the car. I came to the last pass before Salt Lake City, UT. The traffic had literally come to a stop. You could see that a semi-truck had jack-knifed across the two lanes of a four lane highway due to ice. As I waited patiently for the traffic to move, a guy jumped in my car. In Justifying his action, he stated that he was hitch-hiking with the car in front of me. After seeing me traveling alone, he came to meet me. While he was rattling on, My thoughts were more focus. "stupid, stupid!" I envisioned tomorrow's newspaper heading to read, "North Dakota girl, killed because she did not lock her doors!" The fear and reality of my mistake was at it's height when...

My spiritual meditation was broken by a knock on the driver side window. My heart jumped and skipped a couple of beats. I turned to set my eyes on a highway patrol man wearing a light khaki brown older wool uniform. It reminded me of a band uniform that went bad. He was tall, slender and physically fit in shape. His eye were predominately a soft gentle brown. Some how I found comfort for a second looking into them until the uninvited guest sitting next to me in the passager seat spoke. The officer informed me that he saw the passenger get into my car of his own accord and he wanted to know if I was alright. Alright, he has to be kidding? What do you do? Say no and my guest will stab or shoot me before I can exit the blocked door? Say yes and I am left alone to face the current fate playing out it's plan.

As I sneaked a double dip of the rolling of the eyes, I said, "I am ok" followed by a slight knod of the head toward my guest's direction. The officer directed his next statement more to the guest than me except, I found a strange comfort in the end. He glanced back & forth; forth between the occupant of the seat next to me and myself, he spoke with great authority the words: I will be watching you!. My unintimidated guest noticed that my car was on "E" (lucky me!) and the only gas station was at the next exit before Salt Lake. I suggested that he leave before the officer gets upset. He reluctantly left with plans of getting back into the car at the gas station where I needed to stop. I lunged to lock my door and I slumped back in my seat taking a deep breath. My breathing exercise stop when the thought came to me to Thank the involved officer. I turned to look where he stood firmly before and he had vanished. While I was scanning the area, the traffic moved forward past the over turned semi truck and an officer. I stopped to thank the officer for the help provided by his partner. I tried to explain to him, but he wouldn't listen completely. He stated that He was the only officer that responded to the accident and if I didn't keep moving, He would give me a souvenir called a ticket. I slowly rolled up my window and moved forward.

I know there was another officer, he had that brown uniform. I pondered further on the cantankerous short round officer who had a blue shinny uniform made from a more modern material. Could it be? No, way!

The exit to the gas station was approaching fast. Now, what am I going to do? Maybe? You are nuts to think? If? The car with the invader pulled to the right on the off ramp and something in me said, "Give God a try-trust him". Just as the diagonal white lines came, I pulled back on the Freeway glancing at the leading car carrying a passanger pounding on the rear window with his fist while the car traveled down the off ramp. God carried me through the mountain pass and into Salt Lake City while the tank was still on "E". I pulled into the first gas station where an attendant told me I had to be on fumes because my tank took more gallons than he thought was possible for a 1980 pinto. I replied, " I owed someone a few gallons".
By Jackie

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Comment by nina on May 28, 2009 at 6:16pm
At evening, when the sun had set, they brought to Him all who were sick and those who were demon possessed. And the whole city was gathered together at the door. Then He healed many who were sick with various diseases and cast out many demons; and He did not allow the demons to speak because they knew Him.
Mark 1:32-34

Jesus had a profound impact wherever He went. In fact, the whole city gathered in front of the house where Jesus was staying, as Mark tells us in this passage. But no matter how large or small the crowd around Jesus, His ministry was never about crowds--a crowd is only a multitude of individuals. He desires an individual relationship with you.

You see, you may or may not consider yourself a "people person," but following Jesus is not about following crowds or people. And you may or may not consider yourself a "religious" person, but following Jesus is not about adhering to religious traditions. It's about desiring a relationship with Jesus Christ. We get the incredible privilege of knowing Him personally, and hanging out at His very door! At His house--at His doorstep--there is healing, restoration, and comfort. We should be bubbling with excitement to know that we get to be a part of what Jesus Christ is doing.

What a joy for you to take the Word of God, to sit down with Jesus, and to let Him take control of your life. Take some time out of every day—just you and Jesus and the Bible—and watch your life change. As we read and meditate on God's Word, we are ushered into His presence; after all, the Bible is about Him (Luke 25:27). And as you begin to change, others will start changing around you. Jesus wants to meet with you! Take that next step and gather around Him.
Comment by nina on May 24, 2009 at 12:50pm
Mary Ellen, I absolutely believe that God send his angels to help us. What you experienced is a miracle and a blessing from God. I remember When I was 5 months pregnant and walking to work. I seen a car about 1/2 a block down the street. He has stopped for a red light because he was going to make a right turn. He looked my direction then he looked the opposite direction, by that time I was in front of his car. He started to drive while looking at the traffice on the opposite of the direction I was. He didn't see me and proceeded his turn..striking me with his car. I tried to run out in the street to avoid getting hit but his bumper hit me then i slid on the hood of his car and slid off landing in the street. I only felt the pressure of the bumper but felt no pain. It was almost as if I was lifted up. I think I was in shock because my next thought was " I wonder how long it will take me to walk the rest of the way, maybe this guy could take me" Then I thought "hey I was just hit by a car and I cant move my leg". Turns out the joint for my knee cap shattered, i had a bone graph to replce the shattered bone and a plate put into my leg. I was more concerned with my baby. My baby was a healthy baby boy!!
Comment by Mary O on May 23, 2009 at 10:40pm
Does anyone believe that God sends angels to protect us and to help us? I do.

This last winter I finished my schooling and completed my internship. I accepted an internship which required a 45 min. drive. It offered experience in three areas of law along with litigation experience. I prayed about it and talked it over with my family.

So, the last day of my internship, I had a car accident. The stretch of road I traveled has no guard rails. A car in front of me stopped very suddenly. I pumped my breaks. My car went into a skid and turned around what I think was 2-1/2 times. It's amazing, there was cars all around me, and I didn't hit anyone or anything. I remember in a brief moment thinking, "God please I don't want to hurt somebody." Then, my car went down backwards over a 6 foot embankment. Stopped for a moment and then continued on it's way down. When it finally stopped moving, snow flew up and covered my car. I looked in my mirror, no blood. My car had spun around with such force my pierced earrings came out of my earlobes. Later on I found my earrings in the backseat. My car was still running so I used the wipers to clear the windshield and then shut the car off. I thought, "Hey my car's still working." I thanked God that I was okay. I looked out and nothing looked familiar. "Wow, God, where am I? How do I get out of here? My car was completely turned around in the wrong direction in a field beside what I think was a pond or swamp.

I called family and friends and asked for prayer and promised to let them know what was happening.

When I called 911, they asked me...what happened and where are you? When I described what had happened...the operator said, "Are you the car that spun around and went over the embankment?" "Are you okay?" "You disappeared." She realized I was the driver everyone was calling in about. None of them could see me down there. She said, "Don't move, don't leave your car."

She triangulated my position using my cell phone. Good old cell phone.

In about half an hour a tow truck came to pull my car out of the snow. A highway patrolman came to help. He asked, "How did you get down there, did you fly?" He found my car tracks but couldn't figure out why my car didn't roll over. They were puzzled why I wasn't injured. No injury, not a mark on my car.

I told them God took care of me. One of the tow truck drivers told me that someone is watching over you. There's no doubt in my mind that God helped me.

When they got my car to the road, I turned it on and drove to my internship and finished the last requirement of my schooling. I had offered to pay for the tow, but they wouldn't hear of it. On the house.

A friend of mine is very familiar with that road. I'm the only person she knows of who has had an accident on that road and has lived to talk about it. Not only did I live, I drove away as if it had never happened.

Praise to God!
Comment by Carl on November 12, 2008 at 7:03pm
I was a over the road truck driver when this happened to me. I was in Texas (I live in Indiana) and stopped at a truck stop for something to eat and drink. Plus I wasn't feeling very well. I got a soda and a hot dog and went into the TV room where I could relax a little hoping the A.C. would help me feel better. I wasn't feeling better so I got up to go and lie down in my truck. Somebody came up behind me and told me I better watch TV a little more. Not feeling any better I had the truckstop call me an ambulance. I went to the hospital and had a massive stroke. I was told the "man" from the truck stop rode with me to the hospital and gave them the information on getting ahold of my wife and where I worked. After about four days I came to with my wife sitting next to me. She asked me who I knew in Texas that would come and sit with me all night long. I didn't know anybody there. She gatheres the description of this man from the descriptions that I would tell the nurses because they never saw anybody. After all of the facts were in it described my wifes father to a T. I never saw her father because he didn't like his picture being taken and he passed away before I meet his daughter.
Comment by Tara on August 18, 2008 at 2:22pm
I am new to this site but I am hungry for everything to do with learning. My goal is to become a Pastor, the Lord willing. Blessings
Comment by Pastor Bob B on August 9, 2008 at 6:12pm
This story reminds me of what happened with a friend of mine. At the time she was not a believer, but many members of her family were praying for her. She was at collage and was out partying one night and found herself on the other side of town from campus. She remembered her dear aunt told her that she was praying for and all she had to do was to cry out for His help and He would help her. She did and all of a sudden there were 2 huge white huskies came up to her, she loved dogs and they stayed with her and they walked her back to her dorm. She went in to get them a treat and some water, when she came out there was no sign of them anywhere and never saw them again. She gave her life to the Lord and has served him every since. There are angelic horses so who knows if there are angelic dogs too. Whatever they were they we an answer to a aunts prayer to protect her niece and God used it to bring her to Christ.

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