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Or is it - SUBJECTIVE?
1. Proceeding from or taking place in a person's mind rather than the external world: a subjective decision. b. Particular to a given person; personal: subjective experience.
2. Existing only in the mind; illusory.
3. Psychology Existing only within the experiencer's mind.
1. Of or having to do with a material object.
2. Having actual existence or reality.
3. a. Uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices: an objective critic. b. Based on observable phenomena; presented factually: an objective appraisal.

Blind Faith - a term use among us to denote one's unconditional Faith in God, but also use by some, to excuse ourselves from the study of all things pertaining to God at times.

Hebrews 11:1 says, "Faith is the "substance" of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." However, in this verse the word "substance" actually means "assurance, confidence, or confirmation," not something that possesses actual physical properties. Likewise, the word "evidence" in this verse similarly means "certainty, surety, or conviction.," not physical evidence, as in a court of law.

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As for me, in the beginning I was in more need of "proof" or assurance where faith came in. I needed something for a foundation so to speak. Even though I grew up in church, "Preachers Kid". I was uncertain about the reality of God. There was always the little voice there that I now believe to be from God, but I was bombarded with worldly views. I struggled with that for a very, very long time. But thankfully I was given the book "A Case For Christ". Reading that book helped me set my faith foundation because it argued against every doubt that I had. After reading it, I was able to confidently say that "yes I believe what the Bible says."
And since that point, I have been able to actually see God working; which helps my faith even more. For me personally, I needed something concrete to overcome all of the doubt. Now that I have that, my faith is growing and I hope that as time passes and my relationship with God grows that my faith does mature to the point of "Blind Faith"
My faith is objective, but as to why is difficult to prove. So, how would you categorize this?

I believe objectively what the bible tells me, because something in me simply knows that what it says is true. However, as far as compiling hard core physical evidence of the circumstances displayed in scriptures, I would have to devote many years to research in order to extract such evidence, which most Christians cannot or do not do. Therefore, in a way, my faith comes from within myself. Although, I don't at all consider it subjective. I believe the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to the objectivity of the Word of God, not I. Yet, in what way can the Holy Spirit inside a person be proven scientifically on our demand and should He even be? Don't we generally pick and choose even which scientific disciplines we wish to accept as true? In other words, even in a case where evidence of the Holy Spirit is provided, who is to say such evidence is truly evidence of the Spirit spoken of in the Holy Bible? Couldn't one always choose to believe otherwise? Similarly, one can choose to believe that everything is subjective no matter what type evidence is provided as proof of objectivity. What I call objective someone else might call subjective. What say you?

Not trying to disprove the objectiveness of real faith. I'm just pointing out that in abscence of the Holy Spirit, who reveals inside of us the truth, we cannot perceive anything objectively... all would be subjective. And when our personal ideas are subjective, we cannot produce any evidence of fact. All spiritual truth (fact; objective faith) resides with God in spirit. People cannot come into such knowledge without first God influencing them internally.
To add a thought, subjective faith is no faith at all, because the very nature of the term faith signifies a need for concrete values. If you say you believe in something, that something must exist objectively, at the least, it must exist to the person believing in it. Otherwise, there stands nothing significant for which to base your faith on- no faith. Ok, im done :-)
lol bro how can faith be objective isnt objective faith= hope?
for faith is believing in what is unseen so if i can put to reality what i see then that is hope
faith is believing without seeing
so i walk in faith praying for a great day trusting in God and with Jesus living in me everyday
So have blind faith i dont know what will truly come of the next day even with a plan of my own
lol God always puts other things in front of me to accomplish and do for his will lol
I believe in Jesus that in everything i do every step I take is a mysterious journey
in the unknown of what i do not see ahead of me but walk ever so cautiously.
see i can say ima eat that apple cuz i have faith in eating that apple but thats not right cuz i see the apple
now with blind faith ima say look God i have this plan and i hope it all happens accordingly but you know what he changes everthing i plan and makes it better than my own that i didnt even see so i was blind in faith lol
hope that makes sense :)


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