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I'll put this out there to see what is what.Not really sure what happens now,but ,I guess that sometimes things have to end so new beginnings can start.I find myself facing divorce,and have been separated for 6 years now.I did not see it coming,and was shocked to the point that I still have twinges in my heart about it all.It's a very long story,but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.I married a women who had three daughters age's 1and a half,7,and 12,in1996,bought a house, had a great job,and was feeling so great about life that my world was always filled with smiles!We had our problems,but nothing lasted that long that we would not get over it.My walk with the Lord was not so good,and I started to try to go back to church,but it never really lasted that long,and looking back I could see that to be a real big problem in much of this.My wife was and still not saved,as well as our kids.But what happened is still so bizarre ,that at times I'm beside myself with doubt about the whole thing.My wife was always into strange religious beliefs ,mostly Native American ,spirit animals,Katina dolls,she had a medicine bag which she kept things in,etc. I knew all this was wrong,but when you love someone,you just love someone.I know that God was showing me these things for a reason,but didn't care ,I wanted what I wanted,and did it my way.After about 6 years,the weirdness got even weirder ,One day I went to go install a roof on a house with a friend of mine,and when I pulled up in the driveway,on the bumper of the car there was a sticker that said,"something wiccan this way comes".I sat there for a min.knowing what it meant,but ,money being money,decided let me just do it and go home.I met the women who owned the house ,and she started talking about spell casting for rain and things like that,how she had horses she kept at a local barn,just regular talk,but I did not even see what was going on,My youngest daughter had started to take riding lessons at the barn where this women kept her horses,but I had know way of even knowing that.About 3-4 days later,my wife came home from the barn and asked If the roof I did was for a woman named Donna,I said yes,and she said ,I know her,what a small world.After sometime,I really just forgot about all of it.But then  my wife started to work at the barn in exchange for free riding lessons for our daughter,and they would be away from the house more and more.One day I went there to hang out with my family,and saw this woman Donna.I found out that my wife was giving shots to horses and doing vet work there, I said not a good idea ,you don't have a license to do this,Donna jumped right in and said "Its ok,we are sisters of the earth,you don't understand,we are medicine women".I just walked away,when my wife got home,she was never the same again.I went back to the barn a short time later and ask my wife if she still loves me.She said she didn't know.It all went down hill from there.We separated soon after that,and nothing has been the same.Our oldest daughter moved out to live with her boyfriend,our middle daughter got a tattoo of the goddess lilith on her ankle,and now my wife reads tarot cards and does reike,and she has taught our youngest daughter the dark arts as well.The church that I started to attend knows the basics of the story,and I told them that I would have very strange things happening to me ,bad health,money problems,on of course all this with the divorce.Two of the elders prayed over me with some friends,and when they were done praying ,one elder said to me that satan was showing me his army. I grew up next door to real satan worshippers ,and I mean real!No joke about any of this.The elder said that basically these people have been in my path all of my life for some reason,and know one knows why,myself included.I pray for my wife every day as well as the kids,for there salvation,and for God to deliver them from all of this.We are not divorced yet ,it's hard to track my wife down,and the girls have abandoned me as well.I have had no contact with any of them in over 2 years.I'm not really sure what all of this means,I do still love my wife very much,and the pain in my heart is very hard to deal with at times,Maybe someone can get something out of all of this,maybe not.All I know is that the choises that we make in life without Gods wise counsel are chioses we have to live with.But I do know that he helps me daily in my walk with him,and I will get through all of this.Anyone reading this I ask that you just say a prayer for my girls and there mother for God to deliver them from all this,before it's to late....In Christ,steve

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Steve, I hate to dominate the discussions in here. I just read your story and felt the urge to at least acknowledge it. Im not a Biblical theologian or nothing of the sort so I would prefer not saying anything about the "native gods" and what not. I would like to give you something that may be of help to you speicifically.

In the early days of my seperation, I was trying to carry all the guilt of the failed marraige. In time with respect to the fact she went to another mans home, God touched me in a very special way. First, reguardless of how much pain we bear, we have to always remember the passage that states He will not put so much on us that we cant bear.  Secondly, He stands ready to pick us up and carry us through this pain. We simply have to humble ourselves to know that He truly will see us through. No matter how cloudy the pathway looks, all things that have transpired, He has had it happen so for a reason. For me, and maybe this is what God is having me write for you to see. I learned that He simply wants us as His children to be focused on Him and Him alone. If we turn our focus away from HIm and try to deal with "our issues" on our own, we essentially are blocking His Holy Spirit from coming in and comforting us when we need it most. I dont want to write a book here but as painful as a 21 year marriage disentegrating with the words..."I am seeing someone else for about 3 months", I turned to God, my prayer was "God, I dont understand as this was a marriage sacnctioned by You. I give this to You to allow Your Will to work freely and give me comfort". He put me in a place that I never thought I could be at. His grace has put somewhere that I have so often felt that I am not deserving of.

Brother, I dont know if this is hitting where it needs to for you. I kinda like to think that Im simply dictating what God is wanting you read. I truly hope you find something here that can help.   SOldier


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