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Well spilling my personal stuff is always a challenge for me

My wife of 28 years left me about 1 year ago

About 3 months ago our divorce was final

I interact with her often (we still have 1 minor child) but our interactions are more than the minimum needed for the children

I cherish the moments we spend together and have told her

I believe that God will provide for me and i trust in him  but now here is my dilemma  I am constantly trying to fix our relationship  I know that i need to release her from myself but I am so weak and scared.

I pray alot and get peace from God but then off i go again

I am so tired of the pain

I am active with the church and other organizations

I know i am seeking an easy answer to a complex problem but it actually feels good just to write it out

If you can help me with any encouraging words i will be ever so grateful

Thank you all and God bless everyone


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John i am soo Sorry brother, just to think of all those presious years you had together, and the children, and now the hurt, the anger, what if's and the what fore's, I lost my wife last year John she wanted a divorce so then my mummy died because of it all.
I wanted to recive a phone call that said my wife was killed in a car crash, but now thank God those thoughts have gone, I kept on asking Jesus to bring her back, night and day I would cry out..please bring her back!! I waited and waited nothing...that was last year, my mum gave her life to the lord before she died!! I am now a missionary in India, giveing the love of Jesus Christ to the lost and starving, there are no quick fix's John, but as we move on John the past moves out, and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God to those who are the called according to his purpose. just hang on in there John and remeber Jesus is suffering along side ya, and theres something better at the other end Amen


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