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I do not ever remember being lonely before in my life, but after my separation I found myself 2 states away from home for 4 month, I was sick ,depressed, and lonely. I was house sitting and the pain of going home and being alone was unbearable. I thank God I had some family there because I felt totally overwhelmed by this horrible emotion. God did provide me some friends that reached out and help me, 2 who had gone through separation and divorce, one of them recently. I was glad when I moved back to Vermont. I was closer to my 3 children (16, 19, and 23) and saw them more often. It was also good that I lived with a friend and wasn’t alone so much. I also reconnected with my church; it was hard to go back alone. But it was the best thing I could have done. My Pastor met with me each week and we would talk, pray, and worship together. I also joined a gym for health reasons, and a prayer group. I realized I had to be proactive in my life if I would ever find freedom from loneliness. Today I am very content with all that God has given me. I still fight loneliness some times, but not as much now. God cares about how we feel, and He understands it. Please share your story of how God has helped you to cope with loneliness.

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Lonely1, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my sister in law Nancy was also a really close friend and she passed away last April at 51. I miss her so much and Dean her husband was down for 5 days over Christmas and the hole with out her here was so evident. We have to re-invent our lives when we face loss. God's word says that He gives families to the lonely. I pray that we here on this net will be that family to you. Just like any family we are not perfect, but as you reach out there are others who will be there for you to help you through your greif and loss. In the love of jesus
Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I think of Elisha when he fled from Jezebel and became so depressed that he thought he was all alone and then God spoke to him assuring him that he was not alone. You are not alone dear sister, I am afraid there are multitudes.

I went to Al Anon for a time and you know the A.A. group met in another room in the building where the meeting was held. there would be over a hundred attending A.A. and 5-10 attending Al-Anon. This is the way it is that those who are suffering from others sins tend to suffer alone. So it is great that you are here.

I have had to trust God to help me to make the right decisions through my situation, and I haven't been afraid to make the hard decisions, but it is still hard. I have had to just be pro-active in my personal life to keep from being eaten up with loneliness. For me my greatest enemy is self pity which can rob the very life out of you. I have had to keep reminding myself that God is with me, that He loves me, and that He is enough. I also make sure that I remain in fellowship. I am in a prayer group, I attend a men's breakfast every week and a men's bible study. I also run a discipleship class in my church where we share a meal each week. All these things help. I also was in a gym for a couple of years.

God has given me challenges when my 21 year old moved to Colorado last year and his 25 year old brother followed. they are both moving back to Vermont, my 25 year old is already back. My daughter just graduated High school, so she will be going off soon also. but there is life after this stuff. God will restore all and more as you place it all in his care.

In the love of Jesus
thank you Bob
Your welcome John, loneliness is epidemic throughout the world. We all feel like were like Tom Hanks on the island alone in the movie Castaway.

I have learned that the scripture in proverbs is true that by being friendly to others, then we will gain friends. We have to work harder than ever when we are separated, divorcing, or have lost a spouse that the monster of loneliness doesn't consume us.

My brother in law lost his wife almost 2 years ago at 51 and I have been separated for almost 4 years and just about divorced. I had to be pro-active in my life to make it through, but the nagging loneliness that comes visiting us some times is nothing I would wish on anyone.

So John I can hear in your 3 words that you know just what I mean. I pray that God will show you that He knows that it is not good for man to be alone, that He will first show you that in your relationship with Him you will gain the strength to reach out to others again and you will become that friend to some one else who is in the grip of loneliness.


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