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After months of on again off again threats to leave, my husband finally left. Actually, I prompted him out the door by throwing his stuff out after he met with his girlfriend again on the sly. He freely admits I have improved and have done all I can to help this marriage but still refuses to return. He says he loves her and that he doesn't see any way our marriage can be restored. He won't even try and that's what really hurts! My husband is a good man. He is just making some very poor decisions based on our previous behaviors. Unfortunately he apparently had changed his alliance to her before I even knew we were even anywhere near this point. Now I am left dealing with the aftermath and the emotional needs of two daughters, 10 and 17. This has been going on all school year but he actually left and refused to return only 4 weeks ago.

I am losing my mind. I can only seem to do the things that push him further away. My work has suffered and now I catch myself dragging the girls into things that I shouldn't. I have never had a strong faith but have begun to seek more of God's work through His word. Please, I have never asked anyone to pray for me before this happened. Please pray for me and my husband as well as my daughters. Please send us the strength to get through the days and nights. Please let me know the word of God in a personal way. I have been praying daily that my husband finds the peace he needs.

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Your story sounds so similar to mine. I know how hard this is for you, I never really knew God until this happened to me. I count his leaving as a blessing just for the fact it opened my eyes to God. God is your strength and your refuge. His Spirit lives in us, and we are sealed and anointed by Him. There is nothing that we cannot do as long as He is with us, He will never give us something too big that we can not conquer with Him. I pray that you let go of your husband and marriage and give those over to God so He can carry that burden. If he comes back it will be because of God's will and with God it will be a stronger marriage. God is giving you this time to work on yourself and your relationship with Him. God loves you and he will never leave you or forsake you. He is your security. I pray that your husband and my husband find the presence of the Lord in their life, for that is the only way they can return to us. Have courage and know that you have the strongest power there is behind you. Cast aside all worries and fears for that is just the enemy just trying to bring you down. You are not responsible for your husband's actions so if he wants to continue on a wrong path sometimes you have to love someone enough to let them reap their consequences. It took me a while to realize that. God has a path for you just focus on Him and He will guide your steps. Love in Christ.

Thank you for your support and prayers. I have been following your story as well and unfortunately our stories do seem much alike. In fact, when you read materials, my story is almost cliche. However, I know our prayers are having an impact and moving through myself and my husband. Both of us have seen an improved mood and ability to talk. I don't know that he will come back but I pray that he finds the peace. I am one of those people who always likes to be in control. It's very hard for me to just turn things over. But I realize that I have no control, only God does. This is taking some adjusting to put it mildly. Thank you again for your prayers.

I feel so much for you Karen , the pain the torment, even bouts of anger and bitterness, the what ifs the should of beens, there are no quick fixes, there will be sleepless nights and even temptation to take medication, as i did to knock me out, and then anti depressants, now thanks to our lord Jesus after 10 months of hell on earth I,ve stopped all medication!! and am beginning to have the peace of Jesus back in my life..hosea 6: 1 says we are wouded,but he will heal us, and else where, God does not despise a contrite and broken heart, he feels for us, he does have it all under control, i will be praying for you that your husband has a vision of what he is missing and doing to harm the body of Christ and that he will come to he's sences as I do with my wife, God is a God of the erriversable a God of the impossible, Please Lord move your spirit in our agony bring back our loved ones we ask in your presious name,lord please help us 'through our experiances' that we will have a stonger marrage than ever before.Amen, it's going to be a long hall Karen, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, we must stay on the train, namely Jesus, he will use this so that we can be a light for others to follow.Amen, we are with you on this one Sister, your not alone, it's like a prision sentance, but you can rest assured Karen that one day very soon you will be released.YOU WILL BE RELEASED,Amen, your brother in Christ..Paul

Thank you for your supportive comments and prayers. I am happy for your release from the use of medication if you no longer need it. You are in my prayers as well.


This is no easy road, and I know we havent got a word to describe the pain in your heart sometimes, and nothing people can say or do can ease the hurt.. but as Patience and Paul encourage you.... we have GOD!! Don't judge him (i know it doesnt always seems possible, I am going thorugh the second divorce!) and start with a hunger in your heart a relationship with Jesus Christ, through that you will get insight, wisdom and revelations knowledge and you will heal from the inside!!
We pray for you, for HE is the only true comforter!!
BLessings dear, hold on and keep your faith strong and your chin up!! JEsus loves you!

Thank you for your uplifting comments. I find myself seeking more and more information about God and prayer so I understand your comment about the "hunger in your heart." I want to know God in that personal way that so many others seem to. Please continue your prayers for us and thank you so much again.

Remember that God can do the impossible, His Spirit can change hearts and he can do above all we can think or do! Grow towards Him built that relationship and HE WILL guide you!.
Keep you in my prayers and keep us posted!! Cant wait to see how God is going to show Himself to you through all of this!!
The strangest thing happened. Last night I had a long discussion with my husband about the mixed messages he was sending. He admitted several things to me at that point (don't want to give details). After he spoke, though, it was as though a light had suddenly come on for me. I felt everything fall into place. Nienie, I would never have called myself religious, but I know that God touched me last night and gave me some peace. The words from my husband's lips clarified so much for me that an immediate sense of peace came over me. Now I know I am nowhere near through the pain and heartache, but for the first time in weeks, I slept all night. I do believe that with God's help things will work out for me. They may or may not include my husband, but my daughters and I will be okay with the Lord's blessings. Thank you all for your prayers and support.


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