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I wish that mom took birth control pills and dad worn a condom. I wish that mom had an abortion,I wish I was born in January,I wish I was in heaven,I wish Christ returns,I wish more people were compassionate and I wish that I was wealthy. If any of these happen or had happened I'd be relieved.

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I'm particularly glad that none of these things came into fruition Daniel.  I smile even at your name Daniel...What a beautiful name you have.  What is going on, what can I/we help you with?  What is causiing this anxiety, anger, and disappointment in your life?

I want to help....but I need to understand.  Daniel everyone I've ever known has gone through something....we wouldn't be human if we said we haven't. I just need to understand what's happening.  Please reach out to one of the moderators here, hang on to what is good.  Allow someone to talk to you.  

Loving you dear Daniel.....Hang on dear friend.

Dear Daniel

You are not alone in all this, it is part of the process to elevate you in the right time, you need to be still and keep the faith, He is with you, just speak tje word all will be well, may He  keep you

Yes  thanks youll life is hard,we go through alot yet get little to no sympathy from most.Lack of compassion alone has ruined many lives.I keep believing but a fallen humanity now last thousands of years.

It has....lasted a long time ever since Adam and Eve.  There's always going to be tribulation/troubles in one's life.  But there are also things that happen that don't have to stay a sorrow.  

I'll only ask one more time and then I'll leave you alone, what can I/we do to help.  I don't know whats happening and/or if I can help if you don't release some of the things that are afflicting you?   


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