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Will He, Jesus, find faith on the earth?  I haven't been on here for a while....seems lots of weird questions and even weirder....the answers which are politically correct, but not Biblical.   I'm concerned....We really need to stop making friends and instead make disciples.  People who are being told what God commands instead of being told that they are okay.  God first, always....what happened here?  

Have we become so milquetoast christianity that we are willing to put humans before God and accommodate their simple religion into having them believe that they are living the Christian life according to the Bible.  Are we filling each other with lies and deceptions?  

My Lord and Savior NEVER lowered his standards and precepts for those who didn't care to even try to understand.  It's truly a shame to the church.....I'm finding it harder and harder to recognize those who love Jesus Christ.  It's never and will never be about YOU, it's about Christ Jesus only.  

It's quite disturbing....

No apologies, sorry.


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I suppose you missed Tammy's post:

James 1:26-If  any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain. 27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.


To recognize those who love Jesus it is necessary to be fully involved in whatever the Lord brings you to every moment of every day. First, I ask myself as I head out for the day. Have I committed my day to the Lord? Then, have I committed myself to the Lord. 

It is very easy to see the wrong in the Church. But, what do we do to change that? We must be a part of that change. We must pray, seeking God's wisdom and guidance as well as his voice for us. I can say that I to get frustrated at times. God knows us. Leaning on him and staying close to him is our best answer. 

I feel your pain.

your Brother in Christ,

journeyman (jm)

That is absolutely a good way to start out our day.
Just a couple other things Brother jm,think that I will go
with dl short for my name. Really the the leadership
here @ AAG do a great job of leading by example.
Glad to be a part and I believe the Lord lead me here.
Love you Brother

Thank You Sir, for your understanding.  


How does one make disciples when their own views aren't united? There've been numerous discussions here where good Christian people have disagreed with one another on Biblical concepts. I just posted one myself on restitution.

Hi Seek!

We make disciples not by when our own views are  united, but when we follow Christ Jesus words of the Bible.  Anyone can distort, manipulate, and diminish points of the Word.  There aren't different meanings, only one meaning with many different people....who aren't always "good".  The Bible tells us that nobody is "good".  People will always disagree with Biblical concepts when they aren't renewed in the Holy Spirit.  It's just knowledge and nothing from the heart.  


I've seen people who are led by the Spirit believe we're completely free and others in the same Spirit believe we still obey Jesus' commands. They even had these differences then.

Who are the people led by the Spirit ? And what are other's saying in the "same" Spirit believe we still obey Jesus' commands

I guess I'm asking what do YOU believe to be true?  Do you believe that you are completely free and able to do whatever you want and still be saved....or do you believe in Jesus' commands and unless you follow Him you will be saved?  What do you believe about the rich man that approached Jesus and walked away?  Do you believe that he was saved?  You cannot separate Jesus from His Word, they are not separate things, they are one and the same.  You cannot call upon Jesus, but yet reject Him  as your Lord.

I don't know if it's differences, but willingness, or yielding, i.e. surrender saying that He is Lord, not just Savior, but Lord.  This is the case of most christians....claiming or pretending, tares from the wheat.  Be clear, because He will do all that He says He will.

I do believe Jesus is Lord and know that He's going to return. However if my answers disagree with yours, you will judge me as not being saved. But I feel like you will make that judgement of my standing with God if I decide not to answer as well, so it won't make any difference. But I don't mind answering. Therefore to answer your questions...

I believe you are free but will not want to do whatever you want. Only true disciples will bear fruit. If you still want to live like you did then you didn't really give your heart to the Lord.

The rich man wasn't willing to give up everything fleshly to follow Jesus. He would only follow Him to a point. We should be willing to give up anything necessary to follow Christ. Many who claim to be Christian can't even give up their time to read Scripture these days.

Oh no, I do not believe that if your answers disagree with mine that I will judge you as not being saved....I believe in following the Lord and if your answers disagree with His Word, only....nothing to do with mine.   

I love that you say only true disciples will bear fruit, and as to the last paragraph that you wrote, I agree.  

You see, we do agree.  :)


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