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I know you all have heard the statement "Plead The Blood of Jesus". Where is this in Scripture? Why would one have to plead this if they are already covered by His blood? 

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Mrs. Tammy girl/sis/lady,

I was going to share my understanding/conclusions on your question and then read all that has already been shared and the only thing left for me to say is - Amen.

JB made some great points as everyone else.

I think that many people understand that we are not alluding a mystical power is endowed within the actual physical blood cells of Jesus when pleading or praying the blood of Christ over someone or some situation, but rather, that we understand that the precious blood of Jesus represents the perfect payment for our sins. Hence his death (shedding of blood) paid it all for us who are in Christ (cover by the blood, the sacrifice) therefore when we plea his sacrifice/his blood we are saying that he has paid it all and the situation has no hold on us who have been set free from the power of sin. In whichever form that sins is manifested. There is power in the sacrifice of Christ, in the blood of the lamb in that sense. 

There are those in the body who don't correlate the sacrifice with the blood in the manner that has been explained in this discussion, but simply plead the blood of Christ because it's what their congregation practices. In such cases I believe God honors our imperfect faith and knowledge when the motives of the heart are right. 

Well I lied, I ended up sharing my two cents after all hahaha

Thanks for your change David. We all need a little 'cents' from time 2 time.

Sorry for the typos, you know.
Hi Tammy
I will tell you what I know about pleading the blood. I was in my thirties and there was
something standing in my kitchen that was
no doubt very evil! I was terrified and running
from its presence, grabbed the phone and
Called my mother, she told me to say to it
In the name of Jesus I plead the blood now
leave! I did what she she said and it left.


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