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What makes a Christian a Christian?

Is it because of the church you go to?
Maybe you are a Christian because your parents raised you to be one!
Perhaps it is that you do your best to copy the life of Jesus....?
Is it because you are a good person?
Maybe the fact that you know scripture really well makes you a Christian...

Why do you profess the faith that you profess?

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I am a Christian because I know that I can not get through anything without the help of the Lord. When I see people struggle I look to myself and I thank God that I have Jesus in me who can overcome all things that could possibly bring my life down. My relationship in Christ is what matters most to me not the kind of Church I go to. Church to me is deeper and it is where two or more people are gathered in His name. My parents never forced me to go to church and I made my own decisions as influenced by God. It is not in my own effort to copy Jesus he lives in me and my actions are hopefully in union with the will of God done in Christ. It is not what I do that makes me a good person it is in my faith and my belief in God that reflects the kind of person I am. I am learning more about the word of God everyday and I learn something new every time I re read scripture so many lessons and never ending interest. I profess the faith that I profess because I want people to know how Great God is, he is amazing. God can make all things move God will bring down anything in His way for the Glory of His Kingdom. :) <3
Your testimony reminds me of the verse that I always rely on "Do not be afraid for I am with you". I use this often to calm my nerves or worry. I know God is always there for me, believing in me and there to catch me if I fall. He is definitely my loving and eager father always willing to welcome the prodigal son home. I am so happy for you, that you have excepted him as yours too.
I strive to have value good christian beliefs although I am not a regular at church congregations.

As a child you are taught to b respectful, honest & humble although many of us drift from these values throughout our life.

However, for what ever reason, I have arranged a meeting with my Pastor this week as I want to share my good times & bad times with God.

Other people will judge whether I am a good person and I think if I take the time to read & abide by the Bible and stay close to God, I feel that I will become a better person which is a start.

Many of us feel insecure to speak to loved ones or close friends about God, but how can we be honest to ourselves if we can't speak openly about such issues that are der to us.

Many of us are missing something in life and I for one admit that I require & want God to be part of my life
God is the only one that asked me to believe in him and be saved: not to use my own will and do good deeds to get there, not to sacrifice for him, but just to accept him as my father. Sometimes non-christian friends get angry at Christians and say "How could they be Christian?" when that person does something wrong. My only response is "Praise God that they are, for surely they would never have a chance at eternal life otherwise". I know I wouldn't get to heaven if it meant I had to be perfect or always be my best. I am as imperfect as they come, but I am simply a Christian because God asked me to accept myself as his own and I did-nothing more.
I guess why I profess my faith is because I had a personal touch and experience with Jesus Christ in response to the terrible realization, that I am a sinner and without His blessing and forgiveness, I would never have peace, REAL peace in my life. It means Him living in me allowing the work of the Holy Spirit to work the Word in me and change me. Hopefully as I obey(oh so carefully, imperfectly at times) others are drawn to Him too and I become more like Him? Honestly it was for the overwhelming sense of settled peace and joy and contentment in my life after Jesus came in, that I am a christian!! Blessings, for asking, terrie


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