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I believe it must be a pre tribulation rapture.

Because mid-trib or pre-wrath deny's that the entire tribulation is Gods wrath. read Rev 6:15 where everyone hid themselves in caves and tried to hide from the wrath of God! This is in the beginning of the tribulation.

Post Trib there will be no one left to populate the earth during the millennium. The wicked are cast into the lake of fire upon Jesus' return Mathew 13:40-43. Then at the rapture the saints are given immortal bodies 1 Corinthians 15:51-54. Therefore there would be no one to have children and to repopulate the earth.

There are other scriptures as well but these make it pretty clear that it has to be a Pre-Tribulation rapture.

I would love to hear others views on this matter, but it seems fairly clear to me.

Is my logic faulty, please show me if I am in correct!

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Yes I believe what you are reading is speaking of the Rapture. Christians are taken to heaven during the Tribulation. You will see the same thing in John 14, Jesus told his disciples he would get them and take them to heaven. But after Jesus returns to the earth we are not going anywhere! My problem is people claim the rapture is at Jesus' second coming? I want to know how since the wicked are cast into the lake of fire, and if all saints get eternal bodies, who is going to populate the earth during the millennium? 


Thanks.....I suppose I will just have to study more and be clearer....I think I just keep thinking the sound of the Trump [it doesn't say it will sound more than once and it's pretty clear that everyone shall hear], but like I said I'll give it some more study and prayer and hopefully we can all come into agreement, isn't that how it should be?  

In Christ,


Hhmnn George, 

You'll have to forgive me, but I've asked numerous questions in the past about the millenial reign.....I don't understand it and it seems no one else does either, or maybe just didn't answer.  The millenial reign has always been hard for me to grasp.  Even went to Charles Spurgeon, etc., all the greats and none of them really were able to describe it or understand it themselves.  I certainlly would like to sit in the classroom while we all discuss and learn.

Thank You for this conversation, I appreciate you bringing it to the table.


I'm still unsure as to what you mean about who is left to populate the earth if it happens at His second coming???  I just need a little information and clarification.  I believe just as the Bible says, that the Trump will sound and every knee shall bow [unsaved or saved] every ear shall hear every eye shall see the Glory of the Lord.  This is where they speak of the goats and the sheep, the unbelievers from believers, the tares from the wheat, etc....  I believe this will be a one time event and one event only.....just like the Ark.  They were told, warned, told again, warned again.....still dismissed it.  When the Lord sealed that door, no matter how much sorrow was left, they're time was gone.  I think that's what a lot of people forget about our precious Lord and Savior, His Word is His Word, He cannot seperate Himself from His Word, there aren't any second chances when that time arrives, although I do believe God gives every human being that chance, every single one on the Earth.  He's a loving God with so much patience and love, but God's Word says He will not always strive with man.  

OK i am speaking of the rapture, some believe it will occur at his coming to the mt of olives. But Then if the saints get new bodies and the wicked are destroyed who will repopulate the earth during the millennium? What you are speaking of is at the white throne judgment after the millennium. I believe it must be a pre-tribulation rapture!


The rapture and the Book of Revelation both make for very interesting study and discussion. There is one key that often gets lost in the study of Revelation and the discussion of the tribulation. The truth of revelation and the concept(pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, pre-wrath, no-trib) of the tribulation are not meant to be The A-B-Cs of the end times, but rather are designed to lead us to Christ, or into a deeper relationship with Him. Too often people seek to find in Revelation a Bible truth when the One who is Truth is being revealed before us throughout the whole of God's Word.

Amen! For some they get caught up it details that are not as important as having a relationship with Jesus! I believe in a pre-trib rapture but more important, I believe people should Get right with God. By having a personal relationship with Jesus!! I am a spirit filled Christian and that is what is MOST IMPORTANT!!


Amen, but why is Christ Jesus so into the details. If He just wanted us to forget about it, why did He consistantly warn us about it.  Sorry, not trying to be negative, but think about the Biblicial way that He speaks with us.   Stop passing off things as to not be important when He considers them important.  .  Love all, speak well, & live good.  In Christ Jesus.  

Yes it is.....but details that the LORD  gives us are important as well.  That's why He gives them to us, that's why we have the written Word.


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