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What I love about the AAG is that I can be REAL on this site.

Does anyone else feel this way? 

Everyone here has blessed me in one way or another and helped me on my journey with Jesus.

I have learned from you and been encouraged by your posts, your emails, your forum question, prayers, etc.

And some have challenged me.

Can anyone here express how they feel when they are on this site?




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It's helped me during a time when I've been withdrawn from life socially. It's helped me grow closer to God.

 There are people on this site that teach me to focus on how God needs to be in my thoughts with every action that I do everyday. How I treat my kids, my wife, friends, coworkers. With that dicipline I notice how others treat me also. They are kinder and more apt to do the same in return.

 I feel the auorra of Jesus as I read some of these blogs. It really clears my head as I sit in the comfortable silence. It also gets my creative energy going to write and write, and spread my opinion on how beautiful I feel at that moment.

And Michelle, someone like you really is encouraging. We are all blessed to have you post your thoughts and love for God. You keep me wanting to come back to the site. So I pray that you continue doing what you are doing because we all need someone like you to learn from.

Well, I'm pretty real regardless so it's not necessarily the site for me. But, I do love this site however & the fellowship.


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