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okay so i don't want to be married. i don't want kids.   i like being single.  but i recognize that premarital sex is a sin.  so...what do i do? an alternative is to have a longterm bf. no?  would appreciate thoughts... 

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If you're wanting to be sexually active & be in the Lord's will, there can be only one answer - Marriage. Marriage doesn't mean kids though. I cannot think of any other possibility.

thank you!  but we can just get married to have sex?

sorry. i know this topic is sort of gross lol

Well, you can't have sex without the ring so......

okay, thank you!  i will pray on it

Just because a person is married does not mean that they have to have children. I have a very dear childhood friend who is married and they do not want children. Their marriage is quite strong.

I agree wholeheartedly with Tammy that marriage is the best and only option.

I hope this somehow helps.

thank you so much!

and the thing is I don't want to be married, but if God's will is for me to be married so be it:(

I'm divorced and I do not want to marry again. I have decided that my life and relationship with Jesus is far too important than for me to get married and mess things up. Does this mean I don't miss things that being in a marriage has? Yes, sometimes and it is a rare thing for me to miss those things.

His grace is sufficient for me.

Thank you! Blessed be in christ :)

I must be weird, but what about running a fellowship for singles? Perhaps you could team up with a couple other people. Friend of mine ran a fellowship for years. She had all these beautiful leadership qualities. I think she was about 30 years old when she found someone she interested in. They began dating and fell in love and got married. They met at the fellowship.

Plenty of people are companions too.  They travel together, dine together that kind of thing. It's good to be best friends. At the risk of giving a hint of my age, sometimes when you are older and find yourself single again, you don't want to be married. I have a nice lady in mind.  She doesn't want to be married, but she doesn't want to travel alone.



i'm sure you are very young, and young at heart ;)  and thank you  mary for your awesome advice!


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