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Please bless us with clean Christian jokes so we can exercise the tummy. :)

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These are sooo funny i'm putting them in our bulitin on Sundays and actually getting a few laughs from those who are considered to be controversial........ what the Heck? people think I'm luny anyhow, (by the way I dress and the dreams and visions...... just enjoy this whole trip....God is so awesome and He does the most awesome things I see many jaws drop every sunday when God talks....... just love His sense of humor.

be Blessed Bro
Ha Ha Ha love the buliten Bloopers. it is amazing how a little grammar can change the whole concept of a message.
Love the bloopers......... it is amazing what a misplaced word or comma or fulstop and do to a simple sentence

HI David, cannot find a comment box on the Joy of the Lord, but I pray that you will be blessed and that the Lord will grant you the desires of you heart this year of 2011 and may you continue to bless us with these really funny videos


be blessed my Bro

An elderly woman die last month and having never married, she requested no male pallbearers.

In her hand written instruction for her memorial service,she wrote,

''They wouldn't take me out while i was alive, so i dont want them to take me out when i'm dead''.

                                                                                                                        LUV U ALL.

                                                                          NOT MY JOKE I BORRIED IT .

Lets lift Jesus higher and draw people of the surrounding nations to him
Great jokes all keep them coming, David en form as usual thanks really needed a laugh today


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