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Posted by marshall blake on July 29, 2013 at 12:06pm in All About God

We talk face to face all the time with every one around us, and call loved ones and friends on the phone. We talk all the time with people online. We are just vary social people. And God knows that about us. In fact he must be that same way also. That must be the reason he made a way for us to talk to him all the time from any where. And that one way we talk to God is by prayer, and he speaks back to us with the Holy Bible he gave to us. How wonderful we fill when we talk to God in prayer, and the Lord wants us to pray to him with out stopping the Bible tells us. Wow God the maker of every thing wants me, and you to talk with him all the time. How cool is that? And he wants to talk to us all the time by his word the Bible. How cool is that? God him self wants us to talk with him. So the more I talk with God you know I get to know him better, and the more he talks to me I get to know him better. Wow looks like prayer time is a win win time for us as children of God. AMEN

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lololol. Thanks Rich


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