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Posted by marshall blake on July 29, 2013 at 12:06pm in All About God

We talk face to face all the time with every one around us, and call loved ones and friends on the phone. We talk all the time with people online. We are just vary social people. And God knows that about us. In fact he must be that same way also. That must be the reason he made a way for us to talk to him all the time from any where. And that one way we talk to God is by prayer, and he speaks back to us with the Holy Bible he gave to us. How wonderful we fill when we talk to God in prayer, and the Lord wants us to pray to him with out stopping the Bible tells us. Wow God the maker of every thing wants me, and you to talk with him all the time. How cool is that? And he wants to talk to us all the time by his word the Bible. How cool is that? God him self wants us to talk with him. So the more I talk with God you know I get to know him better, and the more he talks to me I get to know him better. Wow looks like prayer time is a win win time for us as children of God. AMEN

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I have warred over helping out in my church.  I was on the frontline team greeting visitors.  But I felt uneasy about it for so long.  I was missing the worship music, missing the beginning and end of my Sunday School class, so that I could be at the front door and shake hands.  I know we're taught to do good works, to help in ministry.  I thought I was being selfish to feel I was missing out on the teaching and worship time.  But I kept getting uneasy about it.  I finally gave up frontline and felt peaceful about it.  Then people said things about being involved, that God calls us to be involved.  So...I was at war again.  I began to feel useless and wanted to get back into helping.  But not miss any part of worship or class.  Yet I could find no way of doing that.


What God told me is that yes...He wants me to do good, to help people, but getting involved in "church work" isn't always the same as doing good works, and I need to hear the Word.  He wants me to spend time with HIM, not wrapped up in doing works.  So many disagree with this.  Yet I'm more at peace with spending my time with God.  And the solution was, help every other week so that I'm not missing it all the time.  He wants me to be able to help, but not get too wrapped up in working that He gets put on a back burner. 


Now my mom said she worships while at the front desk.  But what I felt God say was, that's not entirely true.  She may worship with her service, but is she spending time with Him?  Or is He a passing thought while she's talking to people and taking down names and information, doing a head count?  And maybe that works for her, but it doesn't for me.  She's been at it a lot longer, and yet, longer doesn't always mean anything in God's eyes.  I enjoy my time with God, enjoy Him speaking to me, enjoy talking to Him.  And I have decided to stop letting those in my church make me feel guilty that I don't jump in and help 24/7.  There are approximately 200 - 250, and only about 20 do the works in the church.  The ones doing it all need to let some of it go undone to entice others into helping at times and then no one will be 24/7 obligated and all can spend time with the Lord.

I believe God would have every person be true to there selves, and if your true to your self. You will be true to God also. He is your maker. And you can be helping out in church, but your heart should always be praising him. This is the true nature of a man. But people go against the true nature God gave each one of us. They put more on people's heart then they can carry. So do what so ever good works they may ask of you. But at all time be true to your self praying, praising, and thinking about God's word in your heart. This is I believe the message God is trying to get throw to his people.


Hi Brother and Sisters (Thelma and Louise)

Good subject here, Marshall.

I like to compare "Pray without ceasing" to like logging in on a computer in the morning,

( Logging into God when we arise in the morning with prayer). Checking our computer during our day, answering e-mails, etc, ( Offering up short prayers as our day progresses, thanksgivings, guidance, praises). End of the day we turn off the computer. ( End of day prayers, go to sleep). What do you think?


Seek(Thelma), Yes, you are right-on.    Let's look at I Corinthians 12:7, " But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good."

So, the Holy Spirit gives Spiritual gifts to believers in the church of Jesus Christ for the up-building of the ecclesia.

Obviously He wants those recipients to use and share said gifts (whatever the gift might be). Char, I don't think your gift is found at the frontline team........or getting "involved" in "busy type" churchie work. They can always find some back row sitter to do those things.


Lookey here. In Luke 10:38-42 is the story of Martha and Mary as Jesus visited their dwelling. Go ahead and review the story, and it's obvious that Martha and Mary can be compared to a church. Char, you would be Mary.

Tammy(Louise), what do you think?

Oh, it's o.k. cause she's already given us an "amen".



Uhhh, I'm confused now.  Either I'm Seek, Thelma or Mary, but why does everyone call me Char then?  Never confused a dyed red blonde. 

I was listening to a sermon this morning and it spoke about Mary and Martha and I realized, while we're not sisters, my mom is Martha.  She busies herself in doing so much that she's often complained about how much she does for everyone.  But she would be the one doing the meal preparation.  And it can't just be a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  She has to fix eggs, and ask everyone how they want theirs cooked, fix biscuits, fry bacon, potatoes, etc.  And spends the whole morning in the kitchen and then gets upset cause everyone else has eaten and she still hasn't fixed her food.  LOL  I'd say you're welcome to see what's in the kitchen.  I guess we all have our hangups.  And I think that seeing my mom go so out of the way for everyone that it left her complaining under her breath made me realize I don't want that to be me.  I want to not complain about what I do and not take on so much that I start to complain.  But not be so selfish that I do too little either. 

The mouthier one is you. I haven't seen it in a long time so I forget who does what. I do want to be the girl who gets Brad Pitt though


Yes, your mom appears like a Martha.

Sounds to me like you're doing about right......right attitude about the


What do you want to be called?


Grace and Peace.

Well, Tammy calls me mouthy.  Will that work?  LOL

Who's Brad Pitt?

Is he from Pittsburg, or something?

Does he play for the Steelers...or the Pirates?


Come to think of it......... there is a Bradley University in Peoria. Illinois.......

Any relation???


Is Char really "mouthy"?

Nahh. I just talk alot.

Are you serious? Brad Pitt? One of the hottest movie stars ever. lol

Okay Tamms,

He's all yours. (:>)


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