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One of our fellow saints has taken a fall and may be in some serious trouble. Elaine, who spends much of her day, praying for the needs of others, has fallen and it does sound serious. I am asking as many that will to pray for Elaine. She is very generous with her time to pray for others. Now, we need to pray for her. Her son tells us that it is pretty serious and I noticed he prayed that we not lose her. 

You are welcome to join in the prayer room as well as we lift Elaine and others to Jesus.

Father, we continue to pray for our dear sister Elaine. I pray that she completely recover from this fall. I also pray that you will be with her family who are obviously pretty shook up. Father, she has spent so much time praying for her family. I know beyond any doubt that You are going to answer all her prayers. I pray that all You intend for this family be accomplished. In Jesus name. 

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My family will pray for Elaine. Please let us know how she's doing if you receive word. She's one of the Lord's finest prayer warriors. I ask God to strengthen and heal Elaine. And I ask for peace and comfort for Elaine and her family. In Jesus' name.



I am in prayers for her and her family. It sounds serious and my heart goes out to her. I'm definitely going to be here for her. She needs all of us to band together for her. It will mean so much to her and greatly encourage her. She needs our supportive presence and even moreso I pray she will be aware of God's presence for I know God is with her.

I don't know Elaine like yall do but I know her well enough to know she loves her family and the people here on AAG. My heart goes out to her and her family. I agree with yalls prayers.

Lord - turn this around for your glory. Comfort, heal and give wisdom to prevent such injuries in the future. We love you Lord and cry out to you for sister Elaine, your child. Blessed her Lord.


Thank you, thank you Lord. We love you.




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