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I always wanted to know if you got married to a man and years later he started beating you, Is it wrong to get a divorce and marry again if you fell in love and was compatible with that person?

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hi Amanda being a man it can make me ashamed to be a man I've seen both sides of the hurt and know men beaten stabbed by their wifes . Also women after time of being beaten scared of everything it says in the bible husbands love and cherish your wifes but when love stops and hurt and pain take its place the promises we make to each other is over . If all avenues for help have been covered with a willing heart but no change . Have wisdom to leave and if leads to divorce so be it no FATHER wants his child to suffer .Man's evil to one and another is not from GOD . from your brother clark GOD bless
That is so true considering this do you believe that you should not remarry?
no Amanda think we should i have remarried
I know this is an old post, but God wants us to be happy. We're supposed to respect ourselves and treat ourselves like we are the temple of God. Would God want us to stay with someone who beats us? I understand people slip up, but if the beatings become daily, I don't believe that God would expect someone to endure that. Especially if the person will not change. And if there are children involved, that's not healthy at all. What if beatings turn into murder? There's a boundary to everything.

>>In the case of domestic violence, separation could be life-saving. But divorce is not biblical in that case. Certainly, God doesn’t want us to live with monsters, nor does He want us to marry them in the first place. Sometimes you can be duped and marry someone and then find out their ugliness and meanness. If we are believers, we should only marry believers. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

That alone could save people a lot of heartache and from being fooled


Well said - Right on sis.


>>Finding a new relationship is not the answer, because many of these women will find the same type of man again. They need healing. Then maybe they can find a healthy relationship


The offended party must continue to pray God woks in the heart of the offender and is not free to remarry unless the other person initiates the divorce or commits adultery.

Kayla -


>>God wants us to be happy.


God does want us to be joyful and blessed, indeed He does, but above all else, He wants us to believe in Him, in His word. He wants us to apply his word to our lives so we can be free. His word is in a DIRECT COLLISION WITH THE SYSTEM OF THE WORLD, so there is going to be huge internal turmoil when we confront such friction, but be assure beloved that God is 100% right every time and the counsel of the world, when it’s in direct collision with God's reveal will is always the wrong choice for us to make and it will only lead to pain. God's ways will be harder to live by in the beginning, but once we taste and see how awesome it is to be in His will, we will simply want more of Him and less of this sinful world.


God wants us to be obedient (for our own well being) above all. :)


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