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I am working on strengthening my faith. I was raised a Christian but didn't have much interest in God. Since mom became very ill years ago, I began to seek for divine help. I am blessed that mom was always a devoted child of God and that, without a doubt, she is with him now, free of pain. I am struggling with an immense grief. I find it selfish but I am human after all. I miss her. I talk to God every day to ask for his guidance and protection... but I must admit it is challenging... mom died the day after Christmas... maybe she was chose to be a special light and Angel. I love you mom.

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You will be in my prayers. 

Thank you

I know what you're going through, Yolande. My dad passed away in 2012 from a sudden heart attack. Fortunately, I was able to witness to him about Christ before he died. I wrote him a letter and he received Him as Lord and Savior (and was baptized shortly thereafter and also received the Holy Spirit). I have seen him many times since his passing and it seems he has become my guardian angel, warning me of things to come. I am confident your mother is also with Christ and is probably serving the Lord as we speak. God bless!

Thank you!

Hi Yolande,

May the warm love of Almighty God envelop your entire being as you continue in your grief............

It's alright to grieve for a lost loved one. There is no cut-off time.

Obviously, It is much more difficult for those left behind. One important thing to remember - you will see her again, on the other side........ amen.

An important point: Would you have come to Christ if she had not taken ill............?

Please read Isaiah 57: 1-2 and consider that.

I'm praying for you, also.

Grace and Peace.

It will be wonderful to see her again. I ask God to give me strength to endure the pain.

No no no you are not selfish. You miss her you will see her again. I think you should have a day were you Let the floodgates open and grieve. You may find an angel comforts you xxx

I have cried a lot. I don't hold back. I pray, I cry... the grief is a long process. But I know God and his Angels are by my side.

You need to cry my love

I do... and a lot...

Cry And pray

Yes... thank you.


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