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To read Job wondering what I will glean from it, I know it has pain and sorrow, why to read it now maybe cause of Jobs poor state, .

if any can take me through this bible study please contact me and maybe we can to the study together, a sort of job buddie like one someone gets when one wants to give up smoking or drink, Im sure theres someone who knows alot about this book . 

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Yes, for a number of years I believed those Christians who had a lot of "stuff" were being directly blessed by God.

Because, after all, we`re the "King`s kids", and the King doesn`t want His children to be lacking, right?

I don`t believe that anymore. Oh, we`re blessed all right by our Heavenly Father, in so many ways that don`t always show "stuff".

And He always supplies all our needs.


We can get an idea of what God thinks of "stuff" in the first chapter of Job. He let Satan arrange for the loss of all Job`s wealth.

(I don`t count his ten children as stuff.)


Hey guys, check out the simiarlarity between Job 1:7 and 1Peter 5:8. Both verses talk about Satan crusin` about the earth looking

to stir something up. Evidently he can`t touch anyone unless God allows it (Job), or we (humans) allow it ourselves.



Grace and Peace.



God never changes.  What is pleasing to God in the Book of Job is still pleasing to God today and what is offensive to God in the Book of Job is still offensive to God today.



Yes, The book of Job took place before God introduced The Law through Moses. Job was probably about the time of Abram (I think even before him).

Animal sacrifices were already being offered at that time. We know that Noah offered up clean animal sacrifices to God, along with clean bird sacrifices when he and his family disembarked the ark (Gen 8:20).

Interesting, God`s words in Gen 8:21," And the Lord smelled the soothing aroma; and the Lord said to Himself, "I will never again curse the ground on account of man, FOR THE INTENT OF MAN`S HEART IS EVIL FROM HIS YOUTH; and I will never again destroy every living thing, as I have done."


Hey group - my question is: Is the "intent of man`s heart" any different today than it was at the time of the flood? Human beings have not changed in thousands of years, and are still the same today.

Could we say that we in 2011 are basically the same as folks in Noah`s (and Job`s) time? Are we cousins?

Are we similar in many repects?


What I`m trying to say here is that the Book of Job could be dated 2011, as well as ancient times, because people are the same, and we know that God and Satan are the the same. Everything`s the same, except for modern technology, styles, medicine,and I-pods,etc..


Should we live under the Old Covenant or the New Covenant? My answer is both.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:17," Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill."

So, we don`t have to adhere to most of the 600+ parts of the Old Covenant (which were mostly man-made).


The New Covenant is summed up in Matthew 22:37-40," .........You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. (38) This is the great and foremost commandment. (39) The second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself. (40) On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets."

So, Jesus Chist paid our human sin-debt at Calvary, set us free from that bondage, and gave us opportuity to live our lives by the SPIRIT of the Law, not having to live by the LETTER of the Law (because we couldn`t).



Exactly!  We could think of the New Covenant not as a replacement of the Old Covenant

but as an upgrade...NT 2.1...:)

So, Job didn`t have a clue about the Law. Neither had he heard about the Messiah, Jesus .

Job was just one of the original "good old boys". Well maybe not quite the same. But, Job was blameless, upright, fearing (revering) God, and turning away from evil (From Job 1:1).


So, what do we have in common with this man?

Stay tuned to this Bible Study of the Book of Job, thankfully started by Chris.


Grace and Peace.

Richard, not to be contentious here, but if Job was a contemporary of Abram (which I agree the evidence points to), then he would have been under the Noahic Covenant and actually did have a clue about the principle of Law. 


In fact, the evidence seems to point to the notion that everyone from Adam to Noah would have known about Commands and Sacrifices, which the Cain and Abel account points out. 

In my case, I have come to see God as more merciful than judgmental in recent years. I did not always hold that opinion. But, there are several cases where scripture says some sins lead to death. And in the teaching at Gethsemane (John 14-17), Jesus indicates that God cuts some people off from this life. 


James 5:20 says:
"...Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins."


In Job's case, I think that He was interceding for his family, in the manner that he understood in his day. I pray for my own kids that they will not sin and that they will stay faithful to God, that he will reveal himself to them in ways that keep them faithful. 


I also think we live in a broken world. Bad things happen and God has not promised us life without pain in the "here and now" world. He has promised us that in a life in the future after this one. People sin and it causes pain. We don't always get to understand "why". It's not always the sin of the victim, right? Sometimes, like Herod killing the kids in Bethlehem, it's someone else's sin that tramples on us. 


So, like Job, we have to let God be God and we have to ask him for his Mercy. Mercy to protect us and mercy to strengthen our faith when it seems like he's not protecting us. 










God does not have the same concept of death that we do.  To Him death is not a bad thing, in fact death can be a very good thing...let me find you some scriptures...because I really don't want you thinking that God kills children for feasting!





Death can be a blessing

"The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart;
devout men are taken away, and no one understands
that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.

Those who walk uprightly enter into peace;
they find rest as they lie in death." Isaiah 57:1-2


All Are Alive to Him


And that the dead are raised, even Moses shewed at the Bush, since he doth call the Lord, the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob; He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to Him all are alive. Luke 20:37,38


Sharom, theses verses seem pertinent to your discussion as well. What do you think?

Yes, the just man dead condemns the sinful who live, and youth swiftly completed condemns the many years of the wicked man grown old.


For they see the death of the wise man and do not understand what the LORD intended for him, or why he made him secure.
They see, and hold him in contempt; but the LORD laughs them to scorn.

And they shall afterward become dishonored corpses and an unceasing mockery among the dead. For he shall strike them down speechless and prostrate and rock them to their foundations; They shall be utterly laid waste and shall be in grief and their memory shall perish.  Wisdom 4: 16-19



Greetings in the name of Christ to my friends,


O.k. Scribe, I`m sorry for causing confusion in mentioning the Law. What I meant to point out was that the Mosaic Law was not around for Job to adhere to in his day.


And Chris, that`s an interesting thought regarding the first family.


BY the by, did anyone pick up on Job`s words in 9:33?  "There is no umpire between us, Who may lay his hand upon us both." ...................... Another word for "umpire is "mediator", which could mean a mediator between God and mankind.  Hmmm, wonder Who that could be?


As we look at Satan`s words in 1:10, did that devil mean that God had a hedge about Job?

Does God have a hedge about all Christians?


Grace and Peace.

Richard, you said: "...Another word for "umpire is "mediator", which could mean a mediator between God and mankind.  Hmmm, wonder Who that could be?.."


Richard, you know of course that the umpire is the one and only Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. (1 Tim 2:5) 


You said: "...Does God have a hedge about all Christians?..."

I sure hope so! And I am convinced of it - in fact, I count on it. Truly, I have come to the conviction that there is a proportional degree of our prayers to the strength of that hedge. When I was first a believer, I know for certain that God spared me from numerous near death experiences where I heard the spirit speak to me to move this way or that and was saved from certain destruction. Even before I was a believer, I know that God spared me by miraculous means at least twice. 


When I was young and more foolish than now, I did not think that. But as age and insight has been granted to me, I have come to the realization that many of the times I went through hardships, were the very times God was sparing me from doom. 




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