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dose anyone else have trouble staying friends with people who dont live the christian life? I have friend that are living the worldly life and im really getting tired of it... I realise im not perfect and many of these are mistakes at some point that i aslo made but i feel like you should also learn from the people around you and they just keep doing it. what should I do?

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Keeping friends after coming to Christ is often difficult, especially if we are coming out of a lifestyle that was prone to sin (I am not implying that is you, just making a note). When we come to Christ our values and perspective begin to change, but our old friends are still the same. We can reach out to them, but they must come to the place you came to in order to receive Christ. You cannot make them, but you can be part of the solution by reaching out to them and loving them. You need to be cautious though. You need to be cautious if by being around them you feel yourself being drawn back into the old lifestyle. If you feel this draw then you will need to withdraw from them. This simply means you are not ready to be the tool God uses to reach them. Reaching them is important, but keeping yourself safe is also important.

Now that you are in Christ you have changed and are in the process of growing (changing more). The divide between you and them will grow. You will find that many of your interests will no longer be theirs. That is a natural process. Thus the relationship is forever changed with them. You are now walking in the light and they are still in the darkness.

I hope this helps.

Lord Bless,
TheNET Coordinator
Thank you for you reply I agree and appreciate it. Im 20 yrs old and 99.99% of my friends are older then me even if by just a few years and it drives me crazy to see them making mistakes others were doing even in high school. I love my friends but i do need to watch out and make sure not to get dragged back into old ways thankx again for the support. ~ash
thank you Amanda for these verses. Ashley things may bet tough, just try not to give up and go back to the old ways because you may feel alone, the Lord will give you strength if you ask! I think we have all been in these situations and some still are. Good luck girl, and I will say a quick prayer for you!
I truely feel you on this one, I mean I got saved at 17 and then as God Started putting the desires in me to do his will, I noticed that the desire to drink and party started to lessen, then I noticed old friends kind of dropping away from my life, which hurt me, but I realized that they were not trying to change and they were not true friends. I didnt want anyone in my life anyways pulling me down, I mean the christian life is some what lonley, esp. when you are just coming out of the wordly life style, but there are other people that are trying to do the same as you, so you can get plugged into the church and get around people with a like mind for God. man I know that this post is old as dirt, but I jus opened this and I am going through this similar situation!  

I treat my *old friends* like I treat my Christian friends but...I feel disconnected from them. And I am disconnected from them. But, I also pray for them, that someone will reach them with the Word. If that happens to be me, great. But, usually it will be someone else. I don't criticize their actions but I stay away from their haunts. I have no desire to go to some of the places I frequented before.

Just keep focused on Christ and God's Word, and bring yourself into fellowship with those who are Christian also. The transition will be easier than you think it is at this time.



i can relate to this 100% because i got saved at the age of 15 and i noticed that most of my friends did drugs, and just a lot of worldly things. So i felt that i had to separate myself for my friends, so i did. i had to seek the Lord on what i should do because i never wanted to be like them, in my mind i wanted to me the leader not the follower. So My junior year in High school i was offered to go to a Vocational School, i took the opportunity and now at my new school and im am surrounded by christians, and all of my friends are saved. So as you can see God took care of me, and took me out of my old environment and looked at my Heart and He knew that i didnt want to fall back into my old ways, because your friends can influence the way you act and the things you do. All i can say to you is to pray about it like i did, and God will interven in your situation. Stay focused on God.

* also you can talk to your old friends and witness to them about God, tell them your testimony of what God did for you, because what God did for you ,He can do for your friends also.


May God bless you

I have trouble enough staying to my own Christian values but yes, I have numerous friends that don't understand me anymore I need to keep many of my friends in my life because I am disabled. Sometimes they get sick of me talking about Christianity, other times I don't even feel like talking about religion. People have told me to go with friends who do understand you (more Christians). However I am not in the position as an employer to do so. But that is what I would recommend you get into the right group of friends if you can.


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