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Has the Bible been changed and altered over time? Is the Bible full of contradictions and discrepancies?
Muslims have long asserted that the Christian Bible is swarming with errors and contradictions. They say that it is not reliable. Islamic attacks on the Bible are numerous and varied. In one of my many discussions with a Muslin friend of mine, he showed me a short list, of 300 contradictions supposedly contained in the word. Of course none of the apparent contradictions were legitimate, but he attributed them to the text we now have being changed. They are not alone in such attack Universal Salvationist, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others have come up with their own translations, because they claim the bible we owned is not faithful to the original manuscripts.

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With the different kind of Bible version we are using today, we cannot deny the presence of error on translations.

With that facts that translation might corrupt Holy bible, what is best recommended version of bible to be use in the respect to the different kind of version we have presently? Safest and nearest Bible version in terms of Doctrine, in english version of course? tnx

The errors are minute and insignificant, they do not change any doctrine.


My favorite translation is the English Standard Version.


Consider this statement from the ESV Study Bible’s Introduction: "…the goal and vision of the ESV Study Bible is, first and foremost, to honor the Lord and his Word: 1) in terms of the excellence, beauty, and accuracy of its content and design, and 2) in terms of helping people come to a deeper understanding of the Bible, of the gospel, and of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior."

What I'd like to know is this. What if you tell someone something is in the bible but you get told that the bible is wrong.


If the person believes it's God's word yet says it's wrong.


The bible interprets itself, so tell them in love to show you with the bible why is wrong. Enjoy the exchange and grow from it.


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