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Is it possible to be a homosexual and be a christian too?  And is it acceptable to God?  In my bible in 1 Corinthians 6 verses 9-11( i believe) says that homosexuality is an abomination.  Can someone please give me some insight. Thank you!

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Is it possible to be a homosexual and be a christian too? My answer would be yes. Homosexuality is a sin. We could also ask this question. Is it possible to be an adulterer and be a Christian too? The reality of accepting that we are ALL sinners is importatant to understanding this. God tells us to repent. To change our ways. To stop stealing...turn away from pornography. To "go and sin no more". We can not remain in sin. Another words keep doing the same sinnful things and be followers of Jesus. God asks us to choose between a sinful life or a life of obeying him. God does not hate sinners. God is love. God hates the sins. I would request that you look into a Bible concordance and find the word "love". Next read all you can about what God has told us and continues to tell us about who he is.
Our prisons are full of people who have committed multitudes of sins. Yet, through repentance and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their savior they are saved. Since Calvary when Jesus told the prisoner on the cross next to him that because he had asked for forgiveness he would surely be with Jesus in heaven on that day. homosexuality acceptable to God? No is the answer. Is murder acceptable to God? No is the answer. Is stealing acceptable to God? No is the answer. The Bible is God's word. We must read and learn who he is so we can truly know what an awesome God he is.

Please forgive me, but I am closing this discussion because we already have numerous previous forums on this topic. Please read what has already been written in the forums below and if you wish, you can comment on any of these previous forums. Thank you for understanding.


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