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Hi nicki, I dont believe it is a sin to be friends with a homosexual, hate the sin but love the sinner. Homosexuality is no more of a sin than gossip, each and every one of us are sinners who are saved through the love and grace of God. It is our own houses we need to look inside sometimes and not through the windows of others. Keep your relationship with The Lord strong, do as Jesus did and love one another.

be blessed

That is how I feel as well, but my Dad keeps telling me that I'm sining by even being around him. I just wanted to see what others felt about the matter. How are we supposed show them Gods love if we turn our backs. I believe that God would want us to show his love to all.
There is no reason why you cannot be friends with them, but if you get pulled down by them then you must decide if you can be friends or sometimes we are meant to spend time in prayer over them. To befriend a homosexual is the same thing as befriending another person because we all have sins. Many from old traditional ways could feel this way, or maybe sometimes individuals can put themselves under some form of teaching that becomes more judgemental than loving another.
You will be in my prayers for your direction, but there is no way you will go to hell if you befriend them. Jesus befriended everyone, and everyone but Him was a sinner, therefore, if you follow Jesus you can't go wrong.
God Bless and keep your faith up, your chin up, and your spirit up.
Rodney, I would say we have to be just like Jesus was, dont follow the crowd, live everyday for Jesus, THAT in itself is testimony to the living Christ. It can be difficult at times, but keeping our relationship with The Lord open and honest helps.
Your scripture reference also mentions a brother who is a drunkard, covetous, etc and it states to not even eat with them (or associate). Any thoughts from people who have studied scripture in reference to the time periods that this was stated in and exactly what situation it is referring to? Also how it would apply to us presently?

As far as being friends with people who do not know Christ, the Lord tells us not to be friends with the world (meaning participate in their sin practices and become intimately involved so much as to where we are acting & looking like them)

Scripture to read regarding friends and friendship etc.. : Proverbs 12:26, Luke 14:12, John 15:13-14, 1 John 4:11
I believe there is nothing wrong with being a friend to a homosexual but you should be able to convince him to stop that relationship and turn to God so that he can also gain eternal life after death.
Becareful you are not also convinced to enter into that relationship.
Thank you all for your in site on this matter. It has been very helpful.
Actually I believe its passing judgment on someone by staying away from a person because of their sexual orientation. Judgment is reserved for God alone. We are all sinners and in need of God's grace.
totally not... except we become homosexual...
Whoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone.
Please note that romans 1:1,32 is not only about sexual immorality, it is a message for ALL of us, it also talks about envy, deceit and covetousness, it does not relate specifically to homosexuals.
There are lots of things considered degrading, sin is sin. You can post serious sounding verses till the cows come home and I can post counter verses about Jesus' love for mankind and it doesnt change a thing. We were not brought into the world to pass judgement on others, thats Gods job, I dont know about you but I have enough work of my own to be getting on with, never mind doing the job of the almighty. I am not saying homosexuality is ok, im not saying having an affair with your best friends wife is ok, im not saying foul language is ok. Im saying that we ALL sin, me and you, everyday and I dont know about you, but I dont have 'do gooding' Christians chase me pointing the finger at me judging about my sin and I dont do it to others. Christianity is a personal relationship God. I dont want to spend my Christian life casting stones on others then get to glory, face God, have to answer Him as to why I didnt heed Galations 5:13,15


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