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I believe Jesus was born and that he died for mankind's sins.I was raised Catholic and I want to know the truth about everything.From becoming a Christian to death.What is being saved?Getting baptized.DO I have a soul or spirit that lives on after I die? I don't have a church I go to.havnt been to. Church in 42 years.God told me it was time to know him.

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I was raised as a Catholic. I sang in a church choir for many years. But, as life dealt out it's hand to me I went searching for who God really is. The Bible is the source for learning about God. After all it was written by men whom God chose to use for his messages to us. Kneeling in prayer I asked God how I could get to know him better,his answer to me was the Bible and my hunger to learn more and more was unquenchable. I am happy to help the best I can Jim. 

First I would recommend this web site.

Second, I would also recommend this web site:

Hi Jim,

This is an old discussion...  just checking in on how you're doing.

Blessings, Carla


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