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I am a christian and I have a fiance that was brought up as a Jehovah witness which is suppose to be categorize as Christianity also, but I know they believe in some things that are different then what I know is true. I told him the difference but since he give up in that religion he wouldn't join a normal christian church with me. He feels as if, if he joins another religion he would be sinning because the teachings are different; though they both Christians and Jehovah witness believe in God and Jesus. I understand how he feels because I was learning about Messianic Judaism ( which is Christians and Jews combined) and was thinking about joining but was not going to take a risk. I want to know is it wrong to go to another Christianity church if they believe in God, Jesus and everything that was said in the bible?

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Hi Amanda,

There are lots of folks who say they believe everything that is in the Bible. There are lots that will also tell you that they are the ONLY church that has it all right. But the crux of the matter is their interpretation of what is said and in what context they place their verses. Also does it line up with the rest of scripture?
I would say that you would not go far wrong and you would be in safe hands, if you attended a Baptist Church.
Their doctrines are basic and easy to understand. There you will obtain a good grounding in the Scriptures that are necessary for your personal salvation. Once you are properly grounded in your faith you may be free to test the waters. The two doctrines which Baptists major on, are Salvation through the cross and Baptism by immersion. You really need little else. Remember the chorus?
"Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of the earth
Will go strangely dim
In the light of His Glory and Grace."

It is at the Cross that you attained your Salvation, why then move away from it to search for something else?
I am certain that the rest will fall into place as God keeps you close to the path of righteousness and depending on your ability to study, will lead you into areas where you will be able to swim, yet still stand should you start to swim too far out.
Lots of Blessings
The other reply to this question had some good things to say. You mention some qualifiers in your question. Is it wrong to got to another Christian Church if they believe in God, Jesus and everything that was said in the bible. I don't want to step on toes but it is absolutely necessary to know that there are various reason to leave a church for another. None of which to be taken lightly and it should alway be thought long and hard and not a rash and quick decision. However. What makes a church Christian is what it believes about God, Jesus, the Bible, Sin, Salvation. Baptist, lutheran, Presbyterian, Calvary Chapel, so forth all basically believe in the essential of the christian Faith. Jehovas witness do not. They do not believe Christ is the incarnate son of god but believe he is the archangel Michael. They do not believe in the bible. In fact they have taken the King James and basically edited it. They did this not with manuscripts but just by looking at it. They believe they are the only true church and if you are not a member you are not saved. They Believe Christ is a created being, not the eternal Son of God. So why going to another christian church may be allowed under certain circumstances, to go to a Jehovah Witness Church would quite simply leave Christianity. The Basics you need to know are where a church stands on the essentials. Here is a link to what those are
Amen. This was a very helpful site and I will use it to passed the word and to make people see the difference. I also wanted to know if he don't get it still,would I be wrong to leave him alone or should I continue to try to bring him to the light with me? Because to be truthful I would feel guilty of giving up and I don't want to feel that way but don't want to waste valuable time. I still am a sinner struggling also to change my life and don't want anything to slow me down.
Amanda, the Jehovah's Witnesses will be the first people to tell you they are NOT a sect of Christianity. They believe that the Christian church is an abomination. They do not use a standard translation of the Holy Bible, they use a version that was written by a man who did not like Christian doctrine - so he took the Bible and rewrote it; however, he did not read or write Greek or Hebrew. [So, it is incorrect to call it a translation].

Messianic Judaism is a very widely ranging set of beliefs. Some are very clearly in line with the New Testament, and some are not. Some of them only read the Gospels - those groups will not accept the writings of Paul the Apostle. This can lead to misunderstanding the Gospel.

My suggestion to you would be to become VERY familiar with your Bible. Read the word and pray to God to direct you. Jesus promised you that the Holy Spirit will teach you, as you seek the word. Read the Gospel of John, chapters 14 through 17 and you will see what Jesus said. Pray that He does not allow anyone to lead you astray from truth. There are many good places to worship and receive good Biblical teaching; and there are also many places that have a different agenda, which is to lead you into false beliefs. Beware.

Jesus said in John 4:23-24 "...the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth." So, my recommendation is to seek out a place where the Bible is taught and where the people are filled with faith that is led by the Holy Spirit, in line with the whole counsel of Scripture (the Bible).

The best churches will give in-depth Bible teaching. In my opinion, the right place is a church that teaches through the ENTIRE Bible. There are two proper ways to do that, either Topical-exposition or Progressive-exposition (chapter by chapter and verse by verse). I prefer Progressive exposition, that is to study one book at a time, by exposing the teaching in context, through the entire Bible.

Many churches neglect to teach the whole Bible. How can you ever know God's complete revelation and plan for you, if you never read the entire book? Every cult and every apostate church begins to go astray by neglecting the Bible somewhere. In the last 25 years, I have studied and read the entire Bible through at least 9 times; on my own and as part of church services. At this point, I still have a lot to learn. Every time I read it, God gives me new insight, fresh understanding and better sense of His direction for my life. But, I am much less confused than I was 25 years ago, because I have taken the time to learn God's word. That is the foundation to your faith being rooted in Christ.
Thank you so much. You just don't know how much you just inspired me. One of the reasons why I am still looking for a church is because I want that in my church, I also want to be able to learn how to praise God through my soul. I just have not found a church like that yet. Is it possible that you can suggest one if you know one in Miami, Florida? Or suggest how I can find out the qualities of the church. For example, should I speak to the pastor and ask him?
It's a good idea to "interview" the churches that are near your home. Find out what they believe and what they practice, and then ask what scriptural evidence they have for their beliefs and practices.

First, understand that there are no perfect churches. These are places made up of people and people are fallible. The main objective, however, is for the people to be following the Word of God and thereby loving Jesus.

As a young believer, it is vital that you beware of two types of "weak" or "dead" churches:
1. Churches that deny or ignore the Word of God, even though they may do many Good Works. (See Matthew 7:20-22)
2. Churches that talk about the Bible alot, but do not do the things that it says. (see James 2:14)
(Avoid these types of churches).

Some points that I find have been very helpful for me to identify strong churches.

1. Strong expository teaching; Meaning that they open the Bible and explain what the Bible means, in the context it was intended. Some churches will create a teaching and then go look for verses that seem to be saying the same thing. This latter practice is dangerous.
2. They post what they believe on a website or in the main foyer, with scriptural references. This means that they are not shy about their beliefs and usually have a strong commitment to truth.
3. Christ and his Gospel will be the central theme of their beliefs and the central theme of the pastor's message.
4. They will greet you when you enter, especially if you arrive "on time" (before the start of the service). For new people this can be intimidating, but it means that they care about the souls of those who come to visit.
5. They ask you to open your Bible during the message, and will often offer you one to read or take home. This usually means that the Pastor is willing to have you check his message against the truth of God's word. That is an important factor. Avoid a church where the pastor is prideful and is not willing to have you inquire about the basis for his teaching.
6. They will worship Christ in their service. Some will use music, some will do it a'Capella. Some will sing hymns, some will sing very contemporary songs with guitars and drums; but the point is that they are going to praise God and sing to honor Christ.
7. They will have a commitment to discipleship. They will have an active program to guide people to know the truth and to walk by faith. This is a vital aspect of a healthy church.
8. The people will usually be friendly. This can be the least important aspect, because many people that follow cults are very friendly on the surface. But, it's also true the there are people who listen to the truth who are not friendly and that is also a warning sign to watch out for.

These 8 factors are the vital things I have looked for to find a good church. If a church has 6 out of that group, I will consider it. However, there are two "non-negotiable" matters for me: they must do expository Bible teaching and Christ's Gospel must be the core of their beliefs. The rest are important, but these two are vital.

If you have to travel a little to find a good church, that's okay. A good church is worth the trip.
*MY sheep hear *MY*voice Jn 10.27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
Wait on *GOD* *HE* cannot fail You.
Wait I say,on the *LORD*.Wait can mean serve with a lowly attitude and *HE* sees
ALL ;*HAZAEL=GOD* has seen.Anxious for nothing but by prayer AND SUPPLICATION=expect a miracle,*HES* up to it,plus,plus.
When we are weak *HE* is strong for us.HALLELU*JAH* *JESUS*
Need more,ask for more,theres no shortage with *GOD*
1 Cor 6.3Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
2 Pet 1.3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:Ok its meat,people we need meat nowadays the flood is coming;Remember *HE* is *LORD* of the flood too! but be filled OK.
I fell like it's going good almost everyday i'm learning something new. Like now I just learned that fasting is a good way to humble yourself before the Lord. And when you humble yourself that's when God hears your prayers. Daniel 10:2-12 is a good example
Preach the gospel to the meek;Job 6.26 Do ye imagine to reprove words, and the speeches of one that is desperate, which are as wind?
Else they come in and they go out more offended.
Beauty or Ugly is as beauty or ugly does.Jer 23.33 on KJV
To the pure all things pure,but to him that is defiled nothing is pure.(wont see good anywhere)
The Pure in heart shall see *GOD* Matt 5
Catholiscism (such were some of us)is one of satans bigger successes and as Judas, walked defiantly with *JESUS* so watch Your P`S for Gods promises AND avoid your Q`S for fears quailings as they that do the will of *GOD* shall know the doctrine wether it is of *GOD*,Submit,Resist & rest easy soldiers,people need to see the manifestation of the sons of *GOD* and get convicted of thier need.To honour *GODS* Holy Bible and *Jesus*
Shall see Your good works(of faith) and Glorify Your *Father* which is in Heaven
You are a Christian if you are living a life like Jesus Christ our Lord Savior. What does it mean to live like Jesus? If you are like Jesus ask yourself am I eating with the poor and the lowly? Am I spreading the word of God in righteousness and truth? Am I truly living to love and serve the Lord? If I am a Christian do I recognize that my life will be like a slave to raise others up? Do I pray before I tell someone anything at all or even think it? Do I recognize a mistake quickly and repent to the Father to not lose my salvation, but rather to be sure to bring Glory to God?
I like how you explain this because alot of people think just because we are human and we makes mistakes God will forgive us just because of the grace that we receive from Jesus dying for us but we really need to stop sinning once we repent, that's what repenting means.
Hi Tim,
I'm a little confused on a couple of your statements. My questions are as follows:

1. Are you saying that mankind does not possess a separate body, separate soul and spirit?
2. Does the soul continue to liive or not, after a man dies?



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