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I'm starting this discussion to find out how others have dealt with unforgiveness. How you overcame it, what was the result of it and so forth. 

I'm currently struggling with unforgiveness. I know without a doubt that forgiving frees me. Forgiving them allows God to start working on my behalf. He said vengeance is His. Sometimes I would say it, I forgive him but then bitter memory will come to me and I would be angered all over again.

I'm back to my fasting lifestyle. But more than ever. I have a new hunger for the Lord. I am so determined to know His will for my life. I'm back to the beginning of when I first said yes, the lonely walk when diligently seeking the Lord. 

Sometimes I wake up and don't know who I am. Yes, I also lost my identity in Christ. 

So I'm not only dealing with unforgiveness and anger but to restore my identity, my power, my authority, my confidence, and my self-esteem. 

I was broken before the Lord, the sadness was released. I have since been led to a book on Totally Forgiving yourself which has been a tremendous blessing. And I try to apply it to my life.  Sermons at my church, testimonies from young ladies at my church who've been through a similar trial, being ministered to. It's like God is planting all these tools in my way to help me. He sees what I'm struggling with and I asked him to search my heart and see that I want to be free from it all. He's a faithful God and He is not a man that He should Lie. 

I KNOW this process is taking me to my next. My next season I can't walk into it with unforgiveness and rage.

What I KNOW overcomes what I FEEL.  What I know is imprinted in my spirit. What my eyes can't see, I still believe. 

How have you dealt with it, how did you overcome it?

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Will do! I will check it out.  And thank you for checking on me! Much appreciated! 

You're Welcome Stacey.  Be Blessed.


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