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I have been asking myself the above questions in the way God answers our prayers. I even came here with a discussion of arbotion sin, and was helped that God really answers and forgives and He also forgets. Now the thing that has brought me here, is this , I am pregnant and the doctor says that am carrying twins

I am married,

already have two girls and I asked God to give me a boy. Now after this ultrasound report from the Doctor am confused, Is that how God answers? am thinking of how sterssed and busy will I be in few coming months for me to carry twins . at the same time am also thinking that maybe thats how God works I am just comfused sometimes and sometimes accepting situation. Idont know if God is trying to wipe away my tears of repentance. I just want a word of encouragement.


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In Psalm 44, God is being asked earnestly to come to help His people.

In the last verse, we read, “Rise up; come to our help! Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love!”Psalms 44:26 ESV

It's almost as if the one praying is wondering, Isn't God still answering prayers?

Of course God is! Some have attempted to narrow down God's answers as being yes, no, or not yet.

But I think God answers and works in many ways!

We pray for many things and not just things for ourselves but for others, too, for their safety, their health, their happiness, and God tells us we're just going to have to trust Him on things, especially when a loved one doesn't recover or something doesn't end well.

We may not receive the answers we are looking and hoping for but that doesn't mean God doesn't care about our needs or doesn't love us.

Some teach that if we have sin in our lives, then God won't hear us, and if we disobey God, then He will not answer our prayers.

But I'm not going to say that, either, because I'm not God and I'm not all knowing or all seeing and because we are living under the new covenant now, the time of grace, if we have been born again as children of God.

So, even though I've asked several people, even pastors, the question of what might hinder my prayers, as I've tried to understand this myself, and, even though many have stated that yes, disobedience is the main reason, and lack of faith is another, still, I'm not going to try to say I know why anyone's prayers aren't being answered according to what they want, other than to say Jesus taught us to pray for God's will to be done on earth, not our will.


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