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Many Christians experience dry spells. 

Do any of you have a story about a dry spell you previously or even recently endured?

What did you do about it?


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>>drinking from the Living Water every day


:) Love to you Mich

I agree that a good church is awesome. There are times that the Lord calls one to stay where they are to be a light in that steeple of darkness. I admire those who can stay strong in those situations because I would spread my wings & fly.

Hi Sister Michelle,


I was wondering where you were........missed this post from last May. Anyway, welcome back with your brothers and sisters. You have always been a spiritual uplift around here.....amen.

Yes, it seems to be a common thing........dry spells for seasoned believers. Look at prophets like Elijah ( 1 Kings, Chapter 19 ). even he had a major dry spell!


Michelle, you summed it up completely - "As many have said here, we must examine our lives and see what is hindering us and causing these "dry" spells.

God is faithful to His people and will show us where we need to be."


I firmly believe that there is a reason for everything that happens. We might see it in a short time.......a  long time.......maybe never, but there's a reason.

Job was on to this, and kept trying to figure things out.


My way for these times is to pray, meditate, and immerse myself in God's Word as much as possible..............


So I say to you, Sis -

Grace and Peace.



I am and have been going through a dry spell.  It is what we do in those times, that I feel define us.  We think it is the enemy so much of the time.  I believe it gets credit far more than it should.  We can see these times as a "dry spell," or the opportunity to meditate and spend time alone with Him.  I know we should do these things all the time, and I believe many do.  However, I believe you are pointing to something in Wisdom.  A time; a feeling when The Spirit is Leading us to alone time with Him.  A time to grow and to be alone without the regular distraction.  I have these times often it seems.  I do not always spend them as I should, but I am learning.  I do desire to be all that I can for Him.  In these times it seems I look at myself and see where I am, and what I truly am.  I do hope I made some sense.  Bless you Sister.

Hi, This is my first visit having just joined the site.

I'm reminded of some words in one of my favourite books, Hosea. A book in which God is romancing His people. Chapter 2:14 has these words " Therefore I am going to allure her. I will lead her into the desert (dry place) and speak tenderly to her." These words come because Israel has forsaken her first love. She has committed adultery in burning incense to the Baals (vs.13). God's answer is to take her somewhere where she is totally stripped of everything she can depend on. The vulnerability we find in the dry places is often scary, startling. It shows us how much we need our Father for everything. Dry places are places of grace. Abba God is restoring and constructing Jesus in us more perfectly. We know that in everything God is working for good in those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Thus the dry place becomes a haven of healing and life in His hands. maybe we should hold off trying to get out too quickly. This scripture tells us that Father God has wooed His beloved into the desert to speak tenderly. Take time to hear His voice, to listen to His songs of love sung over us (Zeph.3:17). To allow Him to restore our "vineyards" to turn our troubles into a doorway of hope,to give us new songs to sing.(vs:15) To establish that marriage relationship in our hearts.(vs;16)

Such times are not always easy times. We don't ;ike the feeling of helplessness. But His strength is perfected in lour weakness.

The dry place is a place of life giving grace. Embrace it as from the hand of Father, even if self has brought it on.


I remember a time a few years ago when I had a very dramatic dry experience. The 'felt presence' of God just lifted off my life. You know that knowing of His nearness, that intimate joy of His Presence, well it all just disappeared. I searched my heart before Him, found no specific reason for this. Then I made a determination based on His word. Jesus said "I will never leave you or forsake you. " I grabbed hold of this precious promise and chose to stand on it. Every day I thanked Him for being with me, even though I had no sense of His presence. Day after day I declared this truth. I praised Him for being with me. It lasted several months. Then one evening during a time of worship, as I was on my knees before Him adoring Him as my Lord and Saviour, a great whoosh of His presence hit me. I was overwhelmed by this deluge of God's fresh indwelling and anointing on my life. His Presence 'returned' with such power that I was blown away. Of course, His Presence had never left, according to His promise, but I had not felt it. We live and stand by faith in the Faithful One who never fails, and knows all things. Who loves us with a passion that led Him to a cross and a grave. Whose blood flowed out across the world till it touched my life and transformed me, making me into His own dear son.

Glory be to God and all praise for ever to His beautiful name.


I had a dry spell just the other day. No matter how much I searched for God's gentle touch something just was not right with me. I tried every angle I could muster and just was not having it that day. It was one of those rare days that Satan had the edge. I turned to impure thoughts and actions for comfort. Nothing too serious or damaging, but thoughts that used to be day to day, thoughts that have since been replaced with my faith.

 I chalk it up as a reminder that I never want to walk, or think that path again. And if that was God showing me how far I have come, then I take it as a very loving gesture.

 I think he gave me a day like that to just get back on my horse and continue with my journey to him. I apologised to him for not trying hard enough. But now that I think about it I believe it was his intention.

It is now a new day and the Lord flows through me with the love that I have grown quite addicted to!!!

  Isn't God great!!!!

Amen LT, Amen!!!! This too shall PASS!!!!



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