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Many Christians experience dry spells. 

Do any of you have a story about a dry spell you previously or even recently endured?

What did you do about it?


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I do two things when a dry spell hits and they do hit (me at least):

1) I examine my life. Is it aligned with God, am I living for Him?

2) I press on. A dry spell is only a different kind of storm that we experience in life. Will I trust God's Word or my circumstances to determine my next move? If I were in the desert I would press on until I reached the next watering hole.


Lord Bless,


Amen! The best water of all!!!


Lord Bless,


Good word LT...  this is what I do too. 

Great minds think alike. As soon as I find two great minds we can examine them and see how they think ... hahaha

hahaha... :-)

....this less than 'great mind' wouldn't even know where to start. :-)


For starters on comparing minds there's a general rule: “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people” -- Eleanor Roosevelt.
But you can also use the 105 Universal Laws and Conditions of Third Dimension Living in order to compare great minds.
For all others, Boyle's law applies--Pressure times volume equals a constant. Air is a gas. A lot of airheads. Me included.
Just kidding ... :)

I like that Eleanor Roosevelt quote..

I think the air just went out of my head .... :-)

I don't know. I'll let you know as soon as mine passes.

I love Christines blog," The woman at the well encounters Love". When we are seeking Jesus in a "dry spell" he shows up for us. Being in Love with a person, married to that person for a very long time is  similar. How do you keep the passion and fire going? You truly seek that person out. We remember all the moments that we have shared together. We hold on to each other the same way we did years ago. We do good things for each other continually in love.

 Jesus is living water! Jesus also seeks us! We are his bride and as such we cherish his arms around us. We cherish his grace and compassion even though we driftaway from him at times. At the well Jesus was seeking the Samaritan woman. He remembers the times he has held us. When our tears wet his garment. His love never ends.

When I take up my cross each morning Iam reminded what it means to "seek" the Lord. What makes it possible is knowing that he is walking with me. Remember to look to the Holy Spirit inside you. He is our great counselor and gift from God.

I like what LT said about pressing on. I have periods where I can't put my Bible down, but I have had periods where I have to focus and what I'm reading isn't making any sense to me. I wonder why can't I get this where is the understanding I should have. Like LT said, different kind of storm. I sit down and read it anyway and keep trying.

Love and God bless,



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