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How do I correct my 2nd graders and keep them quite long enough to teach them something?

I have always enjoy teaching adults and teens, but I have always been challenged by our little ones.

My Church has a Wednesday night program called Blast in which:

Wednesday Evenings
Age 4 (Pre-K) through Grade 5 have a BLAST on Wednesdays (6:30-7:30) as men disciple boys and women disciple girls through Bible teaching and fun activities. On Family Dinner Nights, nursery care is provided and three year olds take part in BLAST. All children eat in dining rooms that correspond to their ages, and enjoy being at the table together.

Catechism at BLAST
The catechism is a question-and-answer method of teaching. Basic doctrine in The Children’s Catechism helps kids begin to see life from God’s perspective. We emphasize Scripture memory and try to help children understand what the verses mean.


BLAST Activities
Challenging and fun activities are incorporated into BLAST— crafts, projects, and games—to name a few.

We had our first blast night yesterday and I had @15 second graders in my class full of energy.

Help!!!! haha :)

What works to keep them quite, long enough to teach them something?

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Excellent ideas you have given me sis.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

Chip -

Thanks bro. I appreciate your input.

Tell them that they're sinning by disobeying you, that it's because they're broken and that they need to repent and be reborn otherwise they're going to burn for all eternity in hell. Isn't that what the evangelical rule book says to say? That's what I got told at anyway.

Ridiculous ......

Not wanting or trying to pick on you Grazer...  however, ridiculous is the best response for this.


God bless you young man. I really hope the best for you. The night is coming and we must love and edify while light remains.

Your post explains a lot to me hahaha I thought you been dropped on your head, but now I get it hahaha J/K dude.

Had an awesome night at blast. Man, those kids got energy. I took my I-Home Dock speakers and played some Lecrae to dance to, Holy hip hop!! We were ready to study after that and after the study some kick ball. Great night. 

I incorporated some of you all's ideas and we had a productive fun night! Thank You everyone!!!!

I am working with second graders and I am to teach them the 10 commandment, so GIVE ME SOME IDEAS/VISUALS for the different commandments. SOME OBJECT LESSONS, LIKE THE ONES LT SHARED.

Hi David, God bless you!

I think they got home all tired out and happy.  :-)  Do you have to share the 10 commandments in one night or can you break it into sections? I was thinking break it into sections and explain without getting too complicated what the commandments mean. Focus on the commandments they can relate to. Don't omit anything, but some of the commandments they won't understand right now. The last section you could come up with some kind of refrigerator art. So the kids take the 10 commandments home with them and it's like on the refrigerator the family display area. You could also share about forgiveness. The 10 commandments let us know the guidelines and when we mess up. So that's why I was thinking about forgiveness. How do we ask God for forgiveness? When we mess up, how do we talk to our parents when we make a mistake? How do we say...I'm sorry. Maybe that's too complicated for second graders. Just a thought.

Have you considered a short skit with you helping, of course. They're little kids and may forget a few words. Maybe you could assign a commandment to each child. Could they sing a song about God's love? Practice on it for a couple weeks. And then end with the artwork. It has potential.

Something you could do, is ask for paper. Small print shops will sometimes give you the tail end of a roll of paper. I explained what it was for and asked do you have any rolls of paper at the tail end that you are going to throw away. Could we please have it. Maybe someone at church could donate. I used to work for a paper company. They had an entire wall of cubby holes filled with discontinued colorful paper, holiday placemats, napkins, paper plates and cups. Just keep your eyes open. You never know when God will bless you. Maybe you could have an arts and crafts basket with a note freewill offering, you may get boxes of crayons, pencils construction paper.



Hey Mary,

Thank you for all your input. I have to teach one commandment per meeting.

>>"The last section you could come up with some kind of refrigerator art."

Great idea. I will do that. 

Hi David, God bless you!

Our Pastors did a Thanksgiving meal with the kids. No parents. Just sandwiches and simple food. After a blessing, they all ate their dessert first.   :-)  Pastor said they were so good.  He let them chatter and enjoy the meal. He did a teaching about being thankful. They sang songs and played board games.



I remember Davey and Goliath.   :-)  So good.


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