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How do I correct my 2nd graders and keep them quite long enough to teach them something?

I have always enjoy teaching adults and teens, but I have always been challenged by our little ones.

My Church has a Wednesday night program called Blast in which:

Wednesday Evenings
Age 4 (Pre-K) through Grade 5 have a BLAST on Wednesdays (6:30-7:30) as men disciple boys and women disciple girls through Bible teaching and fun activities. On Family Dinner Nights, nursery care is provided and three year olds take part in BLAST. All children eat in dining rooms that correspond to their ages, and enjoy being at the table together.

Catechism at BLAST
The catechism is a question-and-answer method of teaching. Basic doctrine in The Children’s Catechism helps kids begin to see life from God’s perspective. We emphasize Scripture memory and try to help children understand what the verses mean.


BLAST Activities
Challenging and fun activities are incorporated into BLAST— crafts, projects, and games—to name a few.

We had our first blast night yesterday and I had @15 second graders in my class full of energy.

Help!!!! haha :)

What works to keep them quite, long enough to teach them something?

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watch super nanny reruns..... :)



hahaha it had to be you.... :) hahaha

um...  bring candy?  :-) 

seriously though.. play games.  keep it fun.  I may have some specific ideas around here.  I'll take a look and get back to you.

Hi David, God bless you!

You have to work with them.  Each child will have their own attention span. We started with Shari ten minutes at a time. Children aren't born with an attention span. You have parents at lots of different levels as far as teaching their children too. It's a learning curve. If the kids are all talking loudly, you can teach them the value of an inside voice. When outside kids can cut loose a little bit and get noisier, but if you have them inside, a quieter voice is better. So I taught Shari to use her inside voice while inside and explained the difference. We have to be patient and teach them.  You may have to remind them over and over. They will eventually figure it out. My Gary is 6'5" and little kids can get intimidated. Adults have to use their inside voices too. He used to teach kindergartners how to draw. He sat in those tiny chairs. He told me he had to speak softly and smile. Start with a short teaching maybe a couple minutes for a while and have an artsy project or learn some children's Bible songs. You can slowly increase the length of the teaching. You can do it.   :-)




Great advised. Thank you.

It sounds like you don't have very much time with them.

Perhaps start by reading a bible story (kid version)

There are devotional kids books which have crafts incorporated into them.  Take a look at your local Christian book store.


Read the story or devotional- 10 minutes (this may be too long)

talk about it.  Ask for their opinion-10 minutes

leave time for the craft or activity-15-20 minutes

final thoughts, lessons learned-5-10 mins

cleanup-get ready to go home-5-10 mins




Thanks - the teachers are given a curriculum and structure with liberty to develop the curriculum as we see fit.

We have:


A fighter verse the kids have to memorized, a verse from Ephesians 6, the armor of God.

We are to teach them the 10 commandments during this semester as well.

A physical activity time, which can be incorporated with the above.

But your suggestion are great. I really like them and will incorporate them in my class.

Thanks sis


Object lessons tend to work well as this allows the kinds to be hands on and to interact, especially after you have done it once or twice they start looking forward to it. Here are two I did recently as I am involved in out Sunday night kids club:


I chose 4 containers. Two were pretty and two were ugly. I put something nice inside of one ugly and one pretty container. I also put something gross (Squished tomatoes in a baggy) inside one pretty and one ugly container. I had them select which containers to open first and removed the contents and continued until they opened all 4 playing it up as I opened each one. Then I used it to illustrate that we cannot tell what is on the inside of a person based on what we see on the outside alone. Then I took them to the Word and explained how man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart .... etc. The kids enjoyed it and learned at the same time an important lesson. This is one simple example.


I did another one where I put some objects in a box. Holding a dollar bill and snapping it I asked who would like one hundred dollars. All of them were pretty excited, so I pulled out a play money hundred dollar bill. Holding up my keys I asked who would like a car. I pulled out a toy car. I asked who would like an apple ... plastic apple. Who would like some gold. I hand one of them an envelope with a letter in it with the words "Some Gold" written on it. I was illustrating how easily we can be deceived and have expectations only to be let down noting that they got what I promised each time even if it was not what they expected. Then I pulled out the Bible and explained how trust worthy it is and how it will never let us down or deceive us. Again, just a simple example of getting their attention and yet leading them to an important truth.


Hope that helps some.


Lord Bless,


Awesome stuff.

Thank you bro.

Hi David, God bless you!

I was thinking you could designate helpers depending on what you're teaching. And take turns. Kids love to help. It builds self esteem and leadership skills.



Great idea Mary. 

Hi David, God bless you!

Do you know that song head and shoulders knees and toes? It's a song with actions. The song uses some of that energy.  :-)  My Shari was called the windmill in her little person days. Little kids are like sponges. They are fine small people. This is such a great opportunity. That's how I was taught about teaching children. Kids bring all this wonderful positive energy.

(Mark 10:13-15) And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them. But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

I can visualize the disciples trying to keep some kind of order. This is Jesus you're listening to so be quiet and sit still. The youngsters probably chattered and fanned out a little bit. They probably had someone like Shari, the windmill. Wouldn't sit still. It's exciting to meet Jesus, the Lord! The disciples rebuked the parents for bringing them.

If you can teach kids, you can teach anyone. You can teach them how to pray for each other and their families. You can ask if anyone wants to share how God blessed them this week. Teaching children about God and the Bible is awesome.




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