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This little guy right here is Sawyer. He is the reason why my life did a complete 180. I am so looking forward to sharing my story. I am going to start a blog. Parts of it will make you cry, but you will be able to see God's hand in the whole journey. I really hope you follow it. It will be titled, "My Amazing Journey."

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Precious. I look forward to the blog.

Lord Bless,


Me as well

My next installment will be on Tuesday. A lot happens in the next one. A few trials that helped shape me into the person that I am today. I really want to thank all for reading it. I work this weekend (12 hour days) I want to make sure I am of sound mind when writing. It inspires me when I can relive that moment again. I actually get more messages from God by recreating the scenerio. The next one will be a tough one. But I believe it was something that needed to happen. It feels good that there are people that are enjoying it.

 Thanks, may God be with you always, and have a great weekend!!

Char, sorry I am finally getting to your post. Yeah Sawyer was the smallest baby at this hospital to survive. They have an outstanding survival rate as you will later see if you keep reading my blog. The funny thing is that to us he looked normal size because that is all you focus on. I remember when the brought in a 4 lb. preemie next to Sawyer's icolet. Now that was a giant!! LOL!!


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