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Greetings all,

From time to time it is important for us, the leadership team on TheNET, to receive feedback from our members on how we are doing and more importantly asking you how we can improve TheNET. I am interested in hearing from all, but especially from those who do not participate much, or at all, in our forums, blogs and/or chat. All input is important to us. I look forward to hearing from you.


Lord Bless,




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How about combine some of the lesser used discussion forums to make it easier to choose where to post a discussion and make the list of forums smaller and easier to navigate. For example, Church History has only 11 discussions and might be better suited to be rolled into Fellowship and Church.

Time permitting I will look into this.


Lord Bless,


Discussion Categories in the AAG Forum

        Interesting to note as well is that with 19 different discussion categories/headers in the Forum, the 3rd biggest category, "As Yet Uncategorized," is home to 370 discussions.  

        Add to this "Miscellaneous," which includes older discussions that haven't yet been categorized, and the combined total is 474 discussions, making "uncategorized" the #2 category.

        So, it seems that many people starting discussions don't bother to assign them to a category.  That's their prerogative, of course.  Many of these uncategorized discussion titles could be assigned to one of the existing named categories.  

        In any event, with discussions numbering in the thousands and growing with new ones being added daily, the categories (when used) become more meaningful and helpful as filters when one is searching for discussions on a particular topic.

       In this case, if anything is to be done, it's not up to AAG management (except for tweaking of the categories), but rather it falls on those of us creating discussions to consider assigning them to a meaningful category when we create them.



Thanks for the suggestion. Most of the work has been completed. The categories have been revamped and discussions either recategorized or deleted as appropriate. I will eventually go throughthem looking for one's with threads borken up due to people leaving and deleting their content.


Lord Bless,


As u know I'm on staff on another site. This cite is so better as far as the activity goes. You r always active which the top dog rarely is. Thank you for being there. It's a great site.

I, too, appreciate the level of interest and involvement that site management invests in maintaining this Website.  There's just the right amount of site moderation, in my opinion, to keep things on course.  It's a substantial commitment of time and effort on the parts of LT, as administrator, and each of the several site moderators.  Thank you for a job well done!  

I have no complaints about the present level of member activity, which is robust with fresh content being added daily, but I would still like to see more members participate in the Forum, Blogs and Groups.

The combination of good management and considerable member activity, both focused on "growing relationships with Jesus and Others," is what makes this a terrific Christian social networking site.

I agree with Michelle... You are awesome. I hope by me mentioning suggestions it didnt make you think I am complaining

It's not complaining. He asked


Will need to remember that the next time the waitress asks someone how their food was and they say:

It was horrible!  This place is a dump and the service is slow and I would never come here again in my life.  You should be closed down!  I wanna speak to your manager!

LOL  I'm just saying!  ;-)

Well they asked


Definitely not complaing :-) We truly need to hear ideas and both positive and negative feedback to help us improve.


Lord Bless,




Your comment about AAG made my day. The Creators of this site did so with what you personally have mentioned in mind when it was started. They also desired being a resource and encouragement for the seeking and newer believer among other things.


Lord Bless,



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