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I'm really struggling, until about a year ago I was a staunch atheist and lived my life without regard for the lord. However I met a missionary who spoke to me in the street and told me of his love, ever since then I've wanted to put right my relationship with god. I've been feeling drawn to the church, like I have to go in and ask for forgiveness.

I went to a church a few days ago and I sat and was about to pray, I was going to say sorry and express my regret for the things that I've done, however I couldn't do it. In that moment I knew that I was not worthy of gods love and that the things I have done are unforgivable. How can I embrace him when I am unworthy?

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Hi Daisy, God bless you! None of us are worthy. If we were all perfect, we wouldn't need Jesus. Jesus Christ has what I need. Know what I mean? Could I urge you to approach the throne anyway and ask forgiveness? My thoughts are that you will find love at His feet. Confess your sins. He already knows us anyway. What do you believe? Do you believe He was raised from the dead? Have you confessed Him as your Lord? It's a relief to find out you don't have to control every little thing. You can pull down some of those walls and start talking to God about the issues in your heart. The deep things inside that others never hear.



Amen Mary

Can I suggest to you that you shift your focus away from yourself and onto the ONE who loves you more than you can fathom?

Jesus died for you, and he defeated sin and death and overcame everything on our behalf that separates us from God.  God's Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace is bigger than our unworthiness.  Yes, we're unworthy...

Let me say this again!

God's Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace is BIGGER than our unworthiness.

You may see yourself as unworthy, but Jesus sees you as someone worth dying for. 

Yes, we're born separated from God, born into sin, and the wages of sin is death...  BUT...  the gift of God is Eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (Romans 6:23)

If we (all of us) continue to look at our sin, and at our un worthiness we will continue to see someone who is a sinner and unworthy.  Instead, if we look at Jesus and all that He has done for us....HE makes all things new, and He makes us new too.  We are New Crreations, born again to live a new life in Him.  Every morning is a new day with new mercies and new opportunities to walk in obedience and submission to our Lord.  So, instead of looking at your unworthiness, try to look at God's love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and compassion for us..  That while we were sinners, Christ died for us.

There is freedom in repentance of sin.   It means to agree with God and what HE says about sin, and to turn away from it.  Be repulsed by it just as God is.  This is a life long sanctification process for all of us, so don't be discouraged when changes take a long time.  The changes start with your desires beginning to change, and your motivations changing as you (we--all of us) learn to live out the teachings of our Lord.  We have been given the Holy Spirit to help us.  Don't resist these things, this is where you find comfort, hope, peace and freedom.

Blessings, Carla


In addition to what Mary has said, I'd like to assure you that you are forgivable. One of the lies that Satan attempts to get people to believe is that God's forgiveness isn't for them.

Isaiah 43:25 English Standard Version (ESV)

25 “I, I am he
who blots out your transgressions for my own sake,
and I will not remember your sins.


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