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Dear hevenly father,

please forgive me for my sins and thank you for everthing your doing in my life. i love you so much and i prasie your name! but lord my heart is weary and tired. but i come to humbly and with love. reighn over my life and help me to love others like u have loved me. lord im scared and nervous. please forgive me. please help me to grow in my faith and in my turst in you. please give me strenth,courgage and peace. lord ive been on my hands and knees every night praying about thisand you said the tide of the battle will turn the moment i turn into prayer. and if i am seeking something that is not in your will please tell me. lord im esaughted. lord you said children are a gift from God and are to be enjoyed. how can i enjoy the beautiful child u blessed me with if i have to let her go with the people who have hurt me so bad and stolen so much from me. lord im not askin you to hurt or harm them in any way. and im not seeking revenge. lord all i ask is for you to allow me to get soul custody of this child and for them to walk away and leave us alone. lord the things that has happened, the things that her father has said and done still effects me to this day. i did not deserve that and i truly feel in my heart if it is best me and emma if she is only with me. lord i cant bare the thought of there going to a place where she could be hurt in anyway and i forgive them. lord you choose me to be this childs mother for a reason. i may have not be in the right in the way she was conceived but you seen past that and forgave me and you know how much i love this child and how hard i have fought for her. lord i cant take much more. forgive me for worring dear heavenly father, i know you have the last say in everything. im a good mother and i do not deserve to ever have to be away from her and she needs me as much as i need her. lord she is so happy. and i know i will be able to give her a good life surrounded by love and give her all the things she wants needs and deserves through you. HERE I AM GOD. i surrender my will and life to you and dedicate my daughter to you. you promised lord "with God we will gain the victory and he will trample over our enimies" so lord im asking you to keep that giving it all to you lord and i belive you will see me through this.

dear heavenly father im also struggling financialy. you said that i would be blessed through the gracious riches in christ. you said my cup would run over, i would lend and not borrow and  you said"test me in this says the lord almighty and see if i will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it" i dont know how im gonna get our of this rut but i know you have a way so please lead me to my destiny.lord i still have 500$ to pay on my deposit, i still have 140$ toward my licence, diapers,rent, emmas 1st birthday is coming up. so im giving this to you aswell lord and i trust that you will help me.

dear heavenly father i feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. i feel so stuck and traped. i feel in my heart that it is not meant for me and emma to be here. i stayed here for emmas father and i should have listened to you and left when i had the chnce. lord you know how bad i wanted that family... i wanted to do the right thing and get married and give emma the stable family she deserves. but i knew her father wasnt good for me or emma and you brought him out of my life for a reason. ive been told if you loose love its for a reason and that god dosent take anything out of your life unless he has something better to give. so im holding on to that. i could not go back to him even if he called me up today. and i thank u for getting me thru this with a smile on my face. finding someone is deff not my main priority right now but it would be nice if you could send someone my way to just say the words "its gonna be ok. your gonna win this" im depinding entire only my faith and trust in you lord. please show me that your on my side and remind me of the love you have for me and your AMAZING power. thank you lord so so much. i ask all these things lord in th name of Jesus Christ bc you said if i ask anything in your sons name that you would do. and lord Jesus you said if i ask anything in your name that you will do. so again i ask all these things in the name of JESUS CHRIST. thank you lord, ilove you, in Jesus's sweet presious name i pray,

ame <3

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 Britley, I will hold you in my prayers during these times. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate but you're doing great. God has blessed you with your beautiful daughter, and she is blessed to have such a loving mum. Remember that although somethings we are going through may not make sense to us right now,  God has a reason for everything that happens in our lives.(Romans 8:28)

P.S you said but it would be nice if you could send someone my way to just say the words "its gonna be ok. your gonna win this" He has ;-)He's with you and Emma always Britley.
thank you so much :)

Hi Britley,

"Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him." James 1:12

You are blessed and a blessing - you're a child of God (*_*)

In Him,




Hello Britley,


I truly enjoyed reading your prayer and will pray for your home as God leads.


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