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many people wander why some are healed and some  arent  what about a  christian with cancer who hasnt  been  healed  whats your view

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The short answer is that we all have been appointed to die once. The manner of death may vary from person to person, but none of us escape physical death.

Lord Bless,


yes ive almost died a few times i thank God for life
I'm so sorry to hear this and for what you've been through. I personally have not been through what you've been through, as far as cancer goes. I've never had cancer, thankfully. Maybe I've felt some of what you have felt as far as things like frustration and questioning and loss go. It's easy for someone to tell someone else to cast all their anxiety to God. Yet, I know how difficult it is to learn to fully trust in Him. It's hard to endure the pain and troubles that life brings. <3

just never understood why christians should die with cancer

Hello Sheila, Because of the provision God has made for us, I don’t believe we have to. 2Pt.1:2 tells us that this grace and truth will be multiplied unto us ” through the knowledge of Him”…We perish for lack of knowledge. But He has given to us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who has called us unto glory and virtue...

To understand some of these things we must be willing to drop some of the wrong beliefs, or teachings that we have accepted as truths, just because someone we have believed, or have faith in because of their educational achievements, either from seminaries, or a college degree from a highly respected institution for higher learning, we become followers of intellectualism, and led away from the Spiritual aspects of the Word of God.

  When we accept the Word of God as the ultimate authority, then when we hear something that sounds so logical it has to be true, then we need to see if it aligns with the Word of God before accepting it as truth.

I sometimes like to look at it like this. Our minds would represent a black-board filled, or cluttered with wrong teachings, and we must be willing to erase it completely, or at least set it aside until we study God’s Word for ourselves, and let the Holy Spirit teach us, as in Jo.14:26, says, “But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” Also read, 1Jo.2:27. About the anointing, or unction.

There are those that believe, just because they read the bible, that God spoke to them, He has, but we were not able to understand it intellectually, you will know when God has spoken to you through His Word, when it becomes a revelation to your Spirit, and not by any physical evidence, ie. “God healed me because I’m physically healed”. This is their evidence, but to the spiritually minded, “I’m healed because the bible “God’s Word” tells me so”. I believe we must be healed spiritually, before we can see healing physically. “IMO” I guess because the Word says in 1Cor.2, that the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, and neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned.

I like what a certain preacher says, “when we can use the fact of His substitution as we would a train or an elevator, then the Word will have become a reality to us, see we never think of faith when we jump on a train or an elevator, we just use them.”

A good example, or illustration of this in the Word, is when Paul on one of his journeys, was putting wood on the fire, and an asp, or viper, came out of the fire and bit him on the hand, Paul didn’t get excited, he just shook it off and went about his business. All the natives knowing what it was, and that it was a very deadly varmint, expected Paul to drop dead at any time, but he didn’t, and they all thought he was some sort of a god, and began to worship him. You can read the story in Acts 28. Paul was aware of the fact that he was a new creation, and who he was in Christ, and was void of unbelief. As Abraham did, Ro.4, he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. The staggering not is indicating he had no unbelief.

When we try to compare our faith against unbelief, we will readily see that our unbelief will outweigh our faith, and will negate it. It is amazing how we can have faith and unbelief at the same time. So it isn’t so much that we have a lot of, or so little faith, as it is having more or less unbelief, called a wavering faith. I still believe most of our problems with faith, prayer, or praying for the sick, and seeing things happen, or not happening is in our perspective of God, and our understanding of redemption, or some places, deliverance.

 Seems our identification is more with the flesh than with God and His Word.



Hi Sheila, God bless you!

Ask God what is causing the cancer. If He does not answer, then it is not for us to know at this time. If He answers, then He will say what to do about it. When dealing with cancer one should ask.

Cancer can be caused by the environment. We have a lot of environmental causes. Anyone desiring to be spiritual, please don't jump on this, but it's true. We have messed up the environment and put a lot of poisons into the air, ground and water.

There are also genetic causes that I don't know so much about. So sorry.

There are also spiritual causes.

I would pray and ask God what is going on before assuming I know the answer. Especially when dealing with cancer. Remember, even wait is an answer.




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