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there is so much talk about end times happening in 2012,so why do all the unbelievers still not care about God? I would like your views on this.We know as christians that nobody will know the time our Lord will return,but at least we are ready.I find it so sad that hardly anyone believes any more.God bless.

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Linda Ruth?! i thought you left??? ok...Trevor, let me ask you, How many times have people said the world is gonna end and it never did? there was the 1983 case, Y2K, then 2010 and now its 2012! This is why i dont believe in dates when it comes to the Lords return. Human beings are setting these dates, we are not perfect and we dont know everything. Only the Lord knows, heck, he could come this second, tomorrow or maybe even 2012, but the bible specifically says that we do not know the day or hour of the Lords return. People need to take that seriously and stop trying to make Him come out to be a liar..
i believe we are in the end times now!
The bible say's that in the days of Noah the people just continued on right until the end and did not turn to God. Then it was too late. However, concerning 2012, this is a prediction based on the Mayan culture and calendar. It is 'my opinion' that this has nothing whatsoever to do with God's timing. I could be wrong, but if God's timing coincides with these predictions it should not affect us. We should be living every day as if it is our last on earth. We do not know when the Lord will come. It could be in the next 5 minutes, in 2012, or a hundered years from now. We should always be ready, and we should speak to as many as we are able the good news of Salvation.


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