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Ok, does anyone else have this problem?

I try to talk to God, whether verbally or just thinking to Him. I can't seem to fully express myself to Him. I don't know how to put so much into words. I repeat myself to Him so much. At times I express myself to Him through body expressions like arm flapping. It's like the words are locked up and despite I want to tell Him something I can't fully tell Him. It's frustrating. It's one of the worst things...I can't express myself fully to my Best Friend.


I know He knows what I mean even if I can't tell Him's just so frustrating.

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May be you can go to a service or to a church? or watch services on the internet?

It is important to be born again and to live by the resurrection power and the Blood of Jesus (Yeshua)

The relationship with Him is the most important. By reading His Word and worshipping, praying or fasting asking His Guidance. He will show you to come up to a higher level. Just talk to Him like you talk with people or here.

He will show you His Commandments. His Will and all this will go in a natural way step by step. It is important to understand that He is asking different values. His Values and His Ways of thinking etc. I agree with JB Joh 3:6. It is all about His Ways to understand within our lives and nothing more or less. Blessings from the Netherlands.

I'm not able to get to church. :(

The Holy Spirit has been very pacient with me. He has been showing me somethings He's wanted me to do.

A clean heart? I know that can only have b a transformation of the Holy Spirit.


Do I except Him totally? I do for salvation. For He is the Rock of my salvation. I do have anxiety problems though and that only makes things worse in my relationship with Him...


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