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Dear Friends, 

I am in crossroads, 18 hours power cut per day, unable to finish Translating English Christian books to Tamil on time, which affects my salary and the growth of the Trust I have started. None of the books I have translated for the Past 2 years  have been published yet. I am not getting an additional job to support the TRUST and my family. Is it Satan's stumbling block or God's way of saying leave this ministy. Need Prayers. Thanks !

Please spend some time in Prayer before answering

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In all honestly brother, I just consider it a hardship of life that we all have to face. Yours may be different then mine but it's still a hardship. Is it possible you could buy some candles? They give off pretty good light when you have a few of them. You're in my prayers.

Its not about light, its about electricity to work on the computer in which I Translate

oh duh. My bad. Sorry

Thanks Taminator

 It is written in Colossians 1:24,

    'I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the church.' NKJ.  By this I understand that for the gospel to be passed along, there is some personal price to be paid.There is a part of sufferings that was left through grace for us so that we may also have a share in the glory.  So be encouraged for you are equal to the task. The Lord acknowledges that. 

Pls Pray some of the books will be published, so some souls will be saved. Otherwise there is no use in this ministry




My heart goes out to you. The hardships you are encountering our common to those doing similar work as yours. We are in a fight. A spiritual battle after all. Our weapons are not carnal but mighty in God, so put on the full armor so you can withstand the attack and after all has been said and done you remain standing, not by your own strength, but by God's grace which is sufficient.


Press on beloved.

Thanks David

Brother Jayaseelan,


To start with, God is not saying that you should get out of this ministry.....because of your words - Need Prayers. Thanks. And then particularly.....Please spend some time in Prayer before answering.

Your express concern in communicating with Almighty God in this media, and the critical need of a fervent dialogue with Him during this difficult time, underscores a close relationship.


And Brother J., your location there in India is Satan's playground.

Your work is sorely needed.

Also, the situation of Joseph in prison for an extra  TWO YEARS, when he should have been freed comes to mind.

(Genesis 40:23 and 41:1)  Hmmmm.


Hang in there, Bro.

Grace and Peace. 

Thanks brother for the encouragement


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