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I just can't hold this in! I was talking to Jesus and thinking. And guess what came to me?

The scripture challenge!

Get a notebook. Put A to Z. List for every letter of the alphabet a word Jesus is to you. Say you're on "S". Jesus is my Salvation. Say you're on "C". Jesus is my Comfort.

But,the trick isn't only to find a word for every letter of the alphabet...put a scripture under the word that fits. For ex. for "R". Jesus is my Rest. And under it put Matt. 11:28. Write not just the verse but the whole scripture. The good thing about this you can skip around. If you can't find one for "M" you can go right on to "N" and come back later to find one for "M".

The challange is to try it for every letter in the alphabet! This will really help you to get to know Jesus more!

I want to go start my notebook soon. I just had to post this first!

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That is a really good idea and it sounds very effective. It is interesting and useful at the same time. A verse for each letter. We could try and learn them as welll! I am up for this challenge :)

:) This post made me smile. I Praise God for you sis.


I am gonna do it with the family one of this weekends.  


Love and blessings


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