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.........luke ch 16 vs 18 ....."if a man divorces his wife and marries another woman, he is guilty of adultery .and the man who marries a divorced woman is also guilty of adultery"...................?????????????????/////.ahhhh any comments ???/

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There are only a few topics as "HOT" as this one. I recently taught on this and will post the outline here. Take note that in order to answer the question one must also deal with the Biblical understanding of adultery relating to it being a sexual sin.

Title: Understanding Adultery and Divorce
Scripture: Matthew 5:27-32

I. Understanding Adultery. Vv.27-28, 31-32
..A. What does the Bible say about it?
....1. What constitutes adultery?
......a. Married person having sexual involvement with someone, married or not, other than their spouse.
....2. O.T. Law proclaims adultery is sin. Ex. 20:14
......a. O.T. declares there is a penalty under the law. Ex. 20:10
....3. N.T. lays down some parameters
......a. Cause for guilt
........1) Physical sexual involvement
........2) Mental lusting after another.
......b. Types of guilt
........1) Married and engaging another other than your spouse.
........2) Divorced and engaging another other than your spouse.
..........a) Touchy issue in our current society.
..........b) What does the bible say?
............1. Mat. 5:31-32
............2. Mat. 19:3-9
............3. 1 Corinthians 7:10-11
..B. What if one is guilty? Is there forgiveness?
....1. Psalm 51
......a. David did not attempt to justify his sin.
......b. David took responsibility for his actions.
........1) He admitted his guilt.
........2) He asked for forgiveness.
........3) He rested in God.
........4) God extended forgiveness.
..........a) There was a cost.
..........b) Sin always cost.
............1. It cost Jesus his life on our behalf.
............2. It cost in the physical realm.
..............a. It cost David his son.
................i. 2 Sam. 12:1-14

II. Two levels of teaching in this passage. V.28
..A. In lieu of the Law
....1. Adultery is sin.
..B. The war of the mind
....1. Broader issue than adultery.

III. Radical Response to Sin. Vv.29-30
..A. Battling sin is serious business not to be taken lightly.
..B. The illustration used in this text, extreme as it may be, points out the depths and degree that we must go to win the war over sin in our lives.
....1. Christ brought forgiveness, but the battle to live sinless is still present until the sinful flesh is removed and replaced.

IV. Where does divorce fit in to this?
..A. God hates divorce.
....1. Malachi 2:16
..B. There are two biblical grounds for being released from a marriage.
....1. Death.
....2. Adultery on the part of your spouse, not your own.
..C. What if one operates outside God’s will and has remarried?
....1. Forgiveness is not automatic. It must be sought.
....2. David’s example applies.
......a. One must not try to justify their actions.
......b. One must take responsibility and agree with God.
........1) One must admit their guilt.
..........a) True conviction.
........2) One must ask for forgiveness.
..........a) True repentance.
........3) One must rest in God.
..........a) True trust.
........4) Embrace the forgiveness.
........5) Recognize that there are cost to sin in the physical realm.
..........a) I cannot tell you what that cost is in each situation.
....3. Once one has remarried reconciliation with the original spouse is not an option.
......a. Deut. 24:1-4

Summary: Adultery is always sin and divorce for non-biblical reasons do not change the status of an individual. Only death or adultery by your partner releases one from the marriage and frees them up to remarry. There are many who will argue that they have remarried and this is unfair or wrong. Often the argument is that God understands my situation or need. God does not understand sin or a persons need in this case. That is why Jesus had to die on the cross in our place. If one has remarried on non-biblical grounds they can find forgiveness and wholeness. They key is agreeing with God as outlined in the lesson above. My experience, though, is that most in this situation take the path of trying to justify their action
HEY I THIK IM GONA START crying .....ahhhhhhhhhhh so much to read anywaz i sure will ....i just read my physics book pastor lt lets get straight to the point ...i read the summary /....hmmm so is it right to marry again ....? or its against the bible .....i read bout divorce and adultery .can..divorce ...only death and wats dat now if ya mate haz adultery with another yeah dat...this i kw .....pastor but is it a against the bible to marry again ....????/......coz you know guilt and all ....dat ?....
If one's spouse has passed away, remarriage is permissable. If one's spouce has committed adultery, remarriage is permissable. Adultery may be committed by a spouse after a legal divorce has taken place, because it is God's Word that binds a marriage not the legal documant of man. In such case the other spouse is released from the marriage. Therefore, one should not remarry, unless one of these two things has taken place.

At the same time, what if someone has remarried on grounds other than Biblical grounds? There is forgiveness in Christ. He does not require the separation of the new marriage once it has been consumated. The forgiveness is given, but only when a person aligns with God's Word and recognizes the sin, repents and asks for forgiveness.

Candy, I don't know how to say this with out it coming out wrong, but I struggle to follow your wrtting. I am not sure I always get what you are saying or asking. I mean no disrespect, but it is hard for me to respond when I am not exactly sure what is being said at times. Please forgive me if this comes across insulting.

Point of clarification: When I say above "Adultery may be committed by a spouse after a legal divorce has taken place" the term "may" relates to it can still occur after divorce, not that it is permissable or acceptable.
This is a great response LT. You always have a way of saying things with simplicity and clarity.
...............yes ...he does ..i agree!!!!:)
ok then next time ill write with each and every letter short forms ..:) ...and yeah thanks for the reply ...was cool:)
This is a great topic for me as I am not sure yet whether I am facing a divorce or not.

My first marriage was definite biblical grounds....five girlfriends in the four years we were married....that I know of.

I know before we seperated the first time, my husband "experimented" with other men. Now he says he is not gay, but he now is involved in internet porn. He made a comment the other day right in front of me the one actress would probably "get her gorgeuos body right back" after pregnancy. I had so many responses I wanted to make to that that I just chose to shut up. Sometimes it feels to me as though he is trying to "prove his straightness".

Am I wrong in assuming that he commits adultery every time he watches porn? I know that if he leaves I will evetually want to find a nice christian man. i enjoy being a wife and I think I'm pretty good at it...ok...well...maybe I haven't been so good at choosing who to be a wife to, but I think I have learned from that.

Lets look at God's Word in Matthew as Jesus says the following:

Mat. 5:28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Instead of me trying to explain the verse to you I will ask a question. How do you interpret this verse? (No trick here. I am not trying to trap you. Seeking the answer and discovering it yourself will drive it home to you.) What does it say?

Lord Bless,
Your right and I do know this verse. He's not a bad person, and I did put on a lot of weight after our daughter died. I know I should be rightously angry over some of his behavior...but I think my own guilt over the weight gets in the way of standing up for myself. I was never heavy before, I used to model when I was much younger...I feel like I've done something terrible by getting fat.

Lol....ya know...I vent so much here...I promise ya'll..I'm actually a pretty cheerful person....but I don't really tell people in real time much, I actually joke a lot...ya know if your being a clown no one knows anything is wrong.

Yeah..I know it's adultery...I just have a hard time with my own failings so I don't always look to closely at elses.

Jesus knew that the Jews had become hard hearted. Many were divorcing their wives at a very high rate. He therefore set an adultery guideline to prevent them from just throwing their wives out into the streets. He then took it one step farther by telling them that they had to keep their thoughts pure. One of the many reasons the Jewish religious leaders did not like him.....he commanded a persons full heart and not just actions. One of the many reasons I love him. I can't quote scripture beautifully...most time I remember the words but not the verse...but He knows how much love and compassion I have for people in general and because He knows my heart...I don't have to prove myself through works.

Oooppppsss....I think I went off on yet another tangent.
Sometimes letting it out is one of the best steps in the healing process.

Don't worry about ranting or going on tangents. If someone does not want to read it, they can turn the page :-)

Lord Bless,
Johnny divorced me last week. Johnny knows and God knows that I did not commit adultery. Like every human being, I have my faults but, that is NOT one of them. Now, he can't say that. But, God can and will deal with him for that. It is my belief and my understanding of the Scriptures that I cannot remarry or have a relationship with a man until Johnny dies because I would be committing adultery if I did. I respect anyone who differs in their convictions but, my Grandmother used to say, "if you have doubts about something being right or wrong, it's best to leave it alone. It's not worth your soul." And, I strongly agree with this! Praise God, the Father and Jesus, His Son!


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