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At 6:04am on July 3, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

At 8:01am on July 2, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…
At 7:47am on July 1, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

Brother you have a wonderful heart for the Lord, that inspite of your obsticles you are facing that you continue to allow the lord to pour out through your life. When I read what you were going through I was touched deeply. This fight is not just yours, but ours also because we are all part of the body of Christ. 2 years ago when i went through a real time of struggle, it was then that I knew I could not stand a lone. Because you have shared your need now you are not
by yourself in this battle anymore. God is able to do more than we could imagine as we bind together to see the strongholds broken over our loved ones.
In the love of Christ.
At 9:08pm on June 26, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

Yes I went to Gateway last weekend for the 3rd time. You know I have a neuromuscular problem that has left me with a lot of problems and in cronic pain for over 2 years. From the first time I went to the revival service 5-26 I have been feeling considerably better.
I was able to only get out once a week to church, but my hunger for God is greater than my physical problems. I am finding strength and vitality that I haven't had in a long while.
It is creating a real stir in my church as more and more people begin to embrace the moving of the Spirit.
A song that we sang there was we don't want blessing, we want you. I am not satisfied with anything any more but Him. I have spent many days drawing near to him lately. I really love having the Lord in my life, after 33 years He still thrills my soul.
I hope if you get a chance that you would go and check it out. Oh if you go for the afternoon session be prepared to go out on the streets to witness.
At 5:35pm on June 26, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

At 3:26pm on June 26, 2008, Sarah78 said…


thank you so much for your prayer.

God Bless you.

In His Love,

At 10:17pm on June 25, 2008, Sarah78 said…

God Bless,

At 6:09pm on June 20, 2008, Judy said…
I've never been one to say, "I have too many friends". Glad to know you.

Judy aka Saddlepotato
At 8:32am on June 20, 2008, Sarah78 said…
Hi Journeymanhd,

Thank you very much :-) I would be honored as well!

Your story is touching and inspiring, its always so good to meet fellow people who love Jesus like I do.. I am very thankful for AAG-it is a huge light for me..

Your bike is awesome-my fiance and I talk about the day when we will finally be able to buy one, even a used one lol.

God Bless,

At 8:12am on June 20, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

At 5:15am on June 17, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

Good morning friend, I am so glad to have my computer back up and running. I have been travelling through Ma in the last month down to Westhaven Conn. to Gateway Church for some meetings. It is a long trip for us from Rutland. 9 hour round trip, But it has been worth it. Well have a wonderful day in the name of Jesus.
At 11:04am on June 16, 2008, AAG Netguy said…
Hey, bro. Good to hear from you! We are all doing okay here. Thanks for asking. The reason you haven't seen much of Paige is that her computer was infected with a virus and she is working on getting it back to working order. Please pray that she will be able to get the problems sorted out soon. Take care and have a great day!
At 8:47am on June 13, 2008, Paula said…
Thanks!!! I'm extremely blessed with my kids...Eventually one day I want to start something....I think when you experience an unwed pregnancy you can relate....My youngest came out of that type of situation and God has really shaped me from going through that situation. Sounds like you and your wife have something awesome going........Anyways have a wonderful day and please remember me in your prayers!!!!
At 1:12pm on June 7, 2008, Dee said…
Journeymanhd I am writing you not so much for me but for my husband. Right now he is in TX with the Reserve he was also in the Marines and out of the military for 18 yrs and reupped 2 years ago. Although now he is in the Army Reserve once a Marine always a Marine. He is also a pastor of church that is small right now but mostly consist of bikers who truly love the Lord and for reaching the lost. We love to ride as well although it's not a Harley it's still just as fun. Most of the bikers in our church ride Harleys. Anyway I saw your sight and thought if we could be friends I would hook my husband to your site when he gets home from TX which will be in less then a month "PRAISE THE LORD". May Gods angels protect you as you ride. In Jesus Holy Name D.
At 8:41am on May 22, 2008, African Angel said…
Hey Journeyman

Thanks so much for the message, nice to hear from you. Life in SA is good, I'm alive and well and so are my friends and family. Things are getting difficult here, crime is at an all time high, if it wasn't for God we would live in Fear for our lives but by His Grace we are free of fear. What is affecting me as a single parent is the cost of living that is just going up and up. I am moving to a smaller place at the end of the month to make ends meet. Petrol & food prices are soaring. Besides that SA is a beautiful country, with beautiful people and God is moving in our land!

Chat soon.

At 3:05pm on May 21, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

At 10:13am on May 19, 2008, AAG Netguy said…
Hey, bro. Thanks for your comment. It is always encouraging to hear from you and to hear what the Lord is doing in your life. Thank you for your kind words. To God be ALL the glory for what he is doing here by His Spirit. I am blessed by the way He is using you to reach out with encouragement to others here. Grace be with you, bro! Have an awesome day in His presence!
At 9:39am on May 16, 2008, Pastor Bob B said…

At 1:28pm on May 5, 2008, Maria said…
Hi Journeyman, thanks for offering your friendship. I am the one who is honored to be your friend.
At 11:27am on May 2, 2008, Elizabeth Brase said…
Thank You , I will be adding more pictures of my family later.
God's Blessings

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