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At 7:45pm on April 27, 2008, savsetdara said…
you interssesor you
At 7:45pm on April 27, 2008, savsetdara said…
you should check out the groups tab...... I see a couple that you need to join.....................................
At 7:38pm on April 27, 2008, savsetdara said…
hey...........................where are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 12:23pm on April 26, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
Hey girl!
How are you doing?
Thank you for the message. Thank you for thinking of me. You are such a good friend, and I am such a flake!!! I tell you, I need a major brain transplant!! I have there kids and trying to paint and my brain just grows wings and flies far far far away! If you see it, will you send it back overnight Fed Ex? Please? Im driving everyone nuts. people dont give me as much grace as God does. ha ha! No, I am sorry my friend. I had a rough couple days just dealing with the same old stuff I already told you about. I cant seem to shake this . Keep me in prayer.
So, please tell me, Im very curious, did that man(or should I say "boy") call you or try to see you? and how did you respond to him about not showing up? Hmm, inquiring minds want to know...
U r a beautiful girl and I wouldnt worry or be discouraged. At the appointed time, a good amn will come along. I know it.
I love you, and let me know the "latest".}!
At 10:37pm on April 20, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
Hey girl!!!
Thank you for your message back. I am glad I can help you in any way I can. When it comes to men, well, lets just say that I played that "game" 24/7 before I came to Christ. Men, hmmm, well, all I can say is that Im soo happy that you have found the Lord and you can lean on him whenever things dont work out. When I dated before Christ, I just went from one man to the next, not even thinking that there would be a God who could love me and fulfill me more than any man. Praise God you got Jesus!!!
Here are a couple good scripture for you,
"Lord, I pray that I will hope for what i do not see and eagerly wait for it with perseverance." ~~Romans 8:25~

"Lord, I pray that I understand that the testing of my faith produces patience and that i should let patience have its perfect work, that I may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.~
~James 1:3-4

I hope you are feeling better sister!!
At 5:02pm on April 20, 2008, liza said…
And u know what girl? God will still take a bad situation and bless u WOW HE IS JUST THAT GOOD!! Just wait on HIM and he will never let u down. He just allows us to go thru trials in order for us to fully understand that we cant do anything without Him!!
At 2:23pm on April 20, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
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Hello and Good morning Pureluv!!
How are you?
I hope that today you are being refreshed and strengthened in Him to tackle on the next week ahead of you. I tell you, I need it. and alot of strengthening. I had a really bad week last week, and it really threw me over the edge emotionally. I am soo sorry that I dumped on you. That was not an appropriate thing to do ,especially to a new friend that has enough troubles of her own. Here I am complaining about 2 small children, and you have 6!!!!! Gee, Im a wimp!!! God must really think you are strong!!! I just need to cling on to God more and drink up more of Him,His promises and His word.
I couldnt help but seeing a comment you made to someone about a date. Im sorry, I saw it, and was blown away that you got stood up!!! Oh, man, I couldnt help but to comment on that girlfriend!!! I am soooo sorry! What the heck was he thinkin? Well, first of all, where did you meet him? Does he have a good realtionship with his family, and especially with his mother? Is he Christian, and is he INTELLIGENT AT ALL? Well, we know hes blind! How could he stan you up? Hmmmm. Well, it doesn hurt to call him. Pretend that it didnt affect you. Play like you had something come up anyway, or that you had other things to do so it worked out fine. Dont put of with his behavior, just call say hello, say goodbye, and move on with life. You dont even have to explain anything, because obviously he isnt to concerned about explaining. But I would call him to take him by surprise and smooth things over to where he thinks you didnt care anyway. Guys like the "chase" and more than anything they LOVE to have women get upset and "chase" them. You are a daughter of the High King, beautiful,saved and declared blameless. Do not let another man,christian or not, shake up your walk, love and faith in Christ and His provision. Itll happen. Itll happen. God will not let you go the rest of your life without blessing you with a love of your life. That man just needs to get his head straight or this man that God has just needs to get on the right path that leads to you!!!
I hope I can help. I love you and if you need anyone, remember, Im here!!
At 2:17am on April 20, 2008, Jenlynn said…
At 7:42am on April 19, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
Good morning sister!
Thank you for the awesome advice and encouragement. I am glad that you understand. Its hard to express how I feel sometimes,so Im glad that you actually got what I was saying. I tend to just rattle on and on and not think. Thank God for sisters that "get it" and have "been there and done that". and thank God that he has brought you great strength,patience,power and perseverance in being a mom,and a friend in Christ. You will be a great help to many other mommies now and in the years to come. Thank you and have a blessed weekend! I dont know how much Ill be online this weekend, but if I am, Ill check in with you again. God Bless you my sister!
At 4:44pm on April 18, 2008, liza said…
Hello Pureluv!!
Im so blessed that u asked for my opinion on being single before marriage. I could talk all day about my past experience, and get all emotional too. Girl I had my first child when I was 16 and I was with my kids father but not married. So basicly still single I was so in love and couldnt see that this man didnt love me cause he was wth everybody and come back home to me afterwards. I had to go to God and tell him that I needed him to get me out of this relationship cause it was so unhealthy for me. Well he did THANK U LORD and after that I was single til 2000 and that was after I had another child and she was about 6mths old. God sent a real man in my life and I wasnt even ready for this kind of man. U know after being used to just getting with a man temporary, I didnt know he was for keeps. I mean this man is everything I could ever ask for he just stepped right up and took care of my kids that didnt belong to him. So cant nobody tell me that GOD CANT MAKE A WAY, cause I know he can. Girl I just had to ENDURE AND PATIENTLY WAIT ON tHE LORD. I thought it would never happpen for me BUT GOD girl he always comes thru and on time. Just continue to believe and trust HIM and He will do it. Get back with me anytime I love talking about the goodness of JESUS!!!
At 11:22am on April 17, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
Hello Pureluv!!
How are you? Im just checking in to see how you and those 6 precious ones are doing? You are an amazing mother, and a incredible faith filled lover of God. When I first came to Christ in 2002, it was the most joyful,peaceful and exciting thing tht ever happened to me. I was alive! I was forgiven! I was ready to live a whole new life! as the months went by I realized that even though, I was changed,I was saved and redeemed, that didnt mean that others were, or that I was exempt from getting hurt or expereincing pain and loss. Unfortunately, I let those things and some legalism from a church I used to go to and some friends of mine, destroy the love, and freedom I had iin Christ. I lost all freedom to be me, that it was ok to be me and that if I do this or that, if I say this or that, or even think this or that, Im doomed. Sister,pureluv, I was soo destoyed by all that legalism that it put me in bondage and the joy I felt diminished. That was back in 2002-2004. I cnaged fromthat church to another, but brought the wounds with me. Agter these few years since then, I have got better, but those voices still haunt me that Im not good enough, and that Im in no place to help anyone because Im not this or that.
Im sorry, I bring this up because I really envy the joy you have in the Lord and all the strength you have to raise those children, and raise them on your own!!! Wow! I want what I had back that the enemy stole so that I can be the joyful,loving,faith filled woman and mother of God that God has called me to be. Please keep me in prayer. I want that joy back, sister. Im getting there, so that is good, especially now that I can help others here and that I can meet awesome people like you. Thank you for your advice and your freindship. You are special. and keep up your faith and your amazing mothering abilities!!! God Bless you !!!!
At 4:49pm on April 16, 2008, liza said…
Thanks! God can do anything but fail and I am blessed to have u as a friend so stay in touch
At 5:30pm on April 15, 2008, Jenlynn said…
Hello Pureluv, just popping in to say "hello". I hope all is well and God Bless.
At 2:11pm on April 12, 2008, Paige Robertson said…

hello sis!
Thank you for the message. You are always faithful in returning messages. Thank you, I love every one of them. I want to print them all out and hang them all over my house. Especially the one you last sent. Ill have to plaster that to my face 24/7!!! I need to get it together girl!!! Or Im not going to be a mother pleasing to the Lord. I want to be the best I can be. I cant let all this garbage seep its smell into my life and what God has called me to do. I am an overcomer, I am a victor, or else I wouldnt be here messaging you! My life was soo bad that NO ONE wouldve ever thought Id survive, let alone even give God a half a second!
Thank you for halping me "think". I need help doing that alot!! Just ask anyone around here!! Ha Ha!
You have a blessed day with all those 6 reminders. Oh man! Talk about pressure!
Lots of Love in Him,
At 6:38am on April 12, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
Hi sister!
How are you?
Thank you for all your love,care,and encouragement. You are anamazing woman! You are such a light to look up to!! My goodness! You have how many children? Wow, Im still cant get over that. Well, God blessed you with the strength and patience to have that many little ones. You look too young to have that many. I know children are agift from the Lord, and I dont know what id do without them, but it still is hard and eachday is a new and different day to learn more about them, and even learn more about myself. Isnt it amazing just how by having kids that you realize how much you still need to work on yourself? I thought alot of the "issues" I had were gone, until I had kids, then I realized, "Oh boy, these things have not been delt with. I havent given this up to the foot of the cross!" So now daily, I got to give Him my fears and pray for my kids that they will be protected and guided day by day by Him.
Im soo glad that we have eachother as we grow in Him and learn more about Him day by day. I am thankful that I know Im not the only one who has been through what i went through. U r awesome!!
Well, gotta go for now, but I do hope I hear back from you soon.
Let me know how you are and I can pray for you too if you need prayer.
In Christ,
At 6:53am on April 11, 2008, Paige Robertson said…

Christian Glitter by

I hope that this Friday will be a blessed day in the Lord.
"This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"
Anyway, thank you for checking in on me yesterday. That really meant alot. You and I have been though very similar things and I feel that we shar a common bond. I believe that we did what we did before Christ to help minister to others who are in the same dark pit that we were in. I mean what better help is there but from women who have "been there and done that".
So, how many kids do you have? How do you do it? I am really struggling, and I only have 2 children. People say Im too hard on myself and that may very well be, but Im not to convinced that what he is doing is normal. I dont know. i hate to throw him into a therapists chair or a child development doctor if I dont have to. I dont want to make him think something is "wrong" with him, like my mom did to me when I was very little. I was in therapy since I was 5. Any suggestions?
Thank you and God Bless!
Ill talk to you later!!
At 11:24am on April 9, 2008, Paige Robertson said…
Hello Pureluv!!
It was really nice that I got a message from you. Thanks fro thinking of me. When you wrote, I was dead asleep I hadnt slept all night, so I finally got some sleep after my 8 month old daughter decided to cooperate and go to sleep. She is a good baby, its just that she likes to sit there and talk to herself for hours and hours. Hmmm, I wonder where she got that from? Ha Ha. I seem like I like the sound of my voice to I guess,
Anyway, how are you? I was going to mail you yesterday, but I didnt want to bug you. So what has been goin on girl?
I noticed you were going to take scuba diving lessons! That is soo cool. I love the water and would love to know how.
I was always called a 'fish" when I was little because I loved the water soo much. I think its cool that you are going to try something new and exciting. Keeps life a little more "spicy". I think we all need to do something different here and there just to keep goin.
I read your story with God, and its awesome. I did exactly what you did to "fix" the pain. People pleasing(I still sometimes struggle with that, Im not totally healed),drinking,drugs, like ephedrine based diet pills and speed,sex and getting paid for it,so money too. So after laying on my death bed because i was only a total weight odf 86 pounds, I figured, Hmm, maybe I should try something different IF I wanted to live, which I had to think over quite a bit. Gee, I a real"lightning fast" thinker arent I? It only took me a good 30years to think thatone up!!! So, long story short, I came to Christ in 2002 and my life has never been the same. Cool huh?
Im very proud of you and all that God has made you to be!!!and I like your honesty too. That you are not totally "self free". I dont think anyone is self free. Not until we die and go to our Father in Heaven. Jesus came to save us becasue he knew we were sick and full of our sinful self. That is just our fallen nature. I think its a battle, but i do have to agree, that you and I can be better. Praise the Lord!!! and, PRAISE THE LORD that I met you. You are beautiful, loved and blessed!!! Thanks again for writing me.
U r the best!!!
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At 7:28pm on April 8, 2008, Jenlynn said…
I love your statement: It has been an amazing, hearthbreaking, and wreckless abandonment of self just yet with more to come - Lord do as you will.
Sometimes I get anxious about how the Lord is breaking me down so He can build me up again. I call it "emotional detox". Thank God He never gives up on us. He is LOVE!!
At 8:39am on April 8, 2008, Joe-Gil said…

Makes ya think doesn't it..LOL...
At 6:56am on April 7, 2008, Joe-Gil said…
Welcome Home,


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