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Women-Did we really cause that much drama in the Bible days???!!!

So in my journey of familiarizing myself with the Bible as well as hearing sermons at my church I have come to the realization that women seemed to stir up trouble in those days! Now please bear with me as I am not familiar with all verses and books of this one Great Book but I will break it down for you all:

The lady of all ladies...EVE:

So Eve convinced Adam to eat from the forbidden apple after God SPECIFICALLY told them both not to touch that tree or any of the fruit from it. But of course just like a woman (I know because I am one) she did the opposite & decided it wouldn't do any harm to her or her male counterpart. Now thanks to Eve women suffer pain during child birth and God knows what else! Moron!

. Sarah-Wife of Abraham

Apparently the woman was laughing behind a door when the angel came to Abraham with the message that she would bear him children.  Now I understand that she was a very old woman and he a very old man therefore unbelievable at first but COME ON LADY! There's an angel of God in your husband's presence and you're gonna laugh and let that angel hear you prompting it to ask your hubby why you were laughing??!! FAIL!!!!

.Lot's wife who turned to a pillar of salt/stone for not following instructions:

Listen lady! The city you are from is about to be destroyed by God and you received SPECIFIC instructions to not look back while you are being saved!  What do you do? YOU LOOKED BACK!!! Now you can stay looking back forever because you just became a park's new water fountain! Follow instructions next time, dimwit!

Herodias and Salome-beheading of John the Baptist:

So let me get this straight...because Herodias couldn't handle John's view of her marriage to her brother in law Herod she decided to cunningly ask her daughter Salome to ask Herod for John's head and GOT IT!!! How cruel and selfish is that of them???!!! SAVAGES!

Here's my point...I have to wonder that with all the stuff women did back in these days if we are somehow viewed as less in God's eyes. It makes me ponder if this is why women go through so much in this life (inequality, rapes, infidelity, etc.)Are we supposed to be 'submissive' to our men as my pastor said in his sermon on Sunday morning? My problem(or maybe not) with that is I truly don't believe God would want women to be lesser than anything or anyone. Nor would He want us to be some sort of subservient being! I know I could NOT do that!  I consider myself to be EXTREMELY alpha female as is already! But because I am does that mean God will consider me less?

I truly hope I am wrong in my way of thinking. Again, I apologize if any of my points are mixed up or wrong or even offensive as that is my not goal. Still trying to familiarize myself with the Good Book and just put my opinion out there.

God bless you all and thanks for any comments!



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Comment by Richard L. Broch, Sr. on September 12, 2011 at 10:55pm

Sister Diana,

Excellent article. Well told.


But, in all honesty................

There's ample  room to go around for MEN to climb on the world-view stage in their own clown costumes and perform acts of

How about the wisest man in the world, past, present, and future - King Solomon. He had it all, and then some.

He had a penchant for women, 700 wives, and 300 "porcupines". Is that wise?

Under his reign the 12 tribes split, and formed two unions, because he was too busy in the unions of all his mates, and didn't take care of business.


And, don't forget Samson. All brawn and no brains. He got the original flat-top.

More men than I have time to list.


Now, should women be submissive?

If you notice in 1 Peter1:3, Peter says for women to be "submissive to their own husbands". So, women don't have to be submissive to any other guys around.

Okay, Diana, you can be submissive to your husband by letting him make all the BIG MAJOR decisions

like = What should the USA do about Iran?

          What steps should be taken to provide more jobs for the unemployed?

          Should there be tax cuts or increases?


Then you, the woman (that God gave him) can take care of the trivial things, like =

Should we trade cars? We need some new furniture. How shall we invest, or save our money?

See how it works?

Keep up your blogging.


Grace and Peace.

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