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We were created to love God....but why?

I once had a very interesting conversation with a fellow Christian friend. He said " We were created to seek, worship, and love God with all of what we are...but why?" What does God want this for? After numerous conversations here is what we discussed:

God wants to to love, believe and obey him.
God wants us to choose him over Satan
God created us with free will- the will to choose God/Satan
God sent Jesus for us
God loves us, created us and watches us
God knows Satan

There are times in the Bible Satan speaks in a way that makes one give into the temptations caused by his doubt.
In the very beginning Satan is in the garden tempting Eve, Eve questioned God's word given to her by man - Adam. However, it was not a "sin" until Adam - who received the word directly from God- disobeyed.
There is no writing of Eve doubting man's word with consequence, but there is when Adam doubted God's word.
Interesting...Adam chose to believe what Eve - who got her words from Satan- over direct word from God.
There are many accounts when God is angry for people not believing him and complaining about what he has given us. Why would go get so angry sometimes?

Then we discussed Job. This story really stuck out for us - Here is why.
God asks Satan his opinion on Job, apparently a truly pious man. First- why is God asking Satan his opinion? Satan answers that Job is only pious because he is prosperous. In response to Satan's assertion, God gives Satan permission to destroy Job's possessions and family.

In that moment did Satan even cause God to question himself?? "In response to Satan's assertion..." God gave permission for Satan to do some wicked things. God watched Satan test Job. Why did God not test Job himself? What did God want to prove to Satan and why did he have to?

Unknown to Job the conversation/bet between God and Satan- he was confused. When Job questioned God - God's speech emphasizes his sovereignty in creating and maintaining the world. The thrust is not merely that God has experiences that Job does not, but also that God is King over the world and is not necessarily subject to questions from his creatures, including men. The point of these speeches, and ultimately the entire book of Job, is to defend the absolute freedom of God over his creation. God is not in need of the approval of his creation. He is free. Furthermore, Job's lack of knowledge and the ability to see the world as God does prevents him from fully understanding God's reasons for allowing Job's suffering.
So, God basically says- "I am the boss, I know what I am doing and don't question me." Sounds like God was a little perturbed. Why?

Would it be because man:
Did not appreciate what God did for them
Quick to blame God for "bad" things vs quick to blame "Satan"
Find it easier to believe Satan's lies and fall into temptation
Question the validity of God's works, words and promises
Does not question Satan but God constantly
Follows Satan- only through lies and doubt does Satan gain power. (Read the Bible- Satan has no little/power unless it is given to him)
Instead of following a powerful God. (Read the Bible- God is filled with examples of power and transference of power to people he choose.
After all that God does for us, how could we follow the enemy? How many times do you read how we have little faith, how we are weak minded, need to understand the word, not to question God, but simply follow and trust him with unconditional, child like faith?

Or could God's anger be because Satan is more often right? Was God so angry about "losing" that he sends such wrath upon wrong doers. Was God fed up and sick of hearing Satan's banter about how more people followed Satan easily while God worked hard to have man follow him?

I mean, the Bible is filled with instructions on how to approach, cope and defeat evil- Satan. Is the Bible God's shared personal experience in dealing with defeating the devil? Furthermore, God demonstrates things here and there cluing us in on how powerful he is. Did God choose faithful people to make examples of how to get his word across. After all, if Adam believed Eve over God, maybe God needed to make examples or share powers for miracles with man so fellow men would believe and use these words quickly. Yet, for some reason, humans still sinned..a lot. God wants to understand how are we so weak?

So he sends Jesus. Jesus experiences and understands what it is like to be human. In this era, you see a modification of instructions (e.g. eye for an eye to love thy neighbor). If the Bible was originally based on rules that God and his world used - and Satan knew how to get around that...then God would need a new plan. The old "cannot put new wine into old skins deal." There needed to be a New Testament for the new wine. Jesus was the new.
A combination of things original that worked and things new- from a human point of view. Once Jesus understood the human heart and mind- new instructions were given to us.

Even Jesus was tried and commented about laziness, weakness, lack of faith, corruption, and displayed anger. Was this God's anger? Did God's anger at us weak humans ultimately turn to compassion and understanding that God himself matured from wrath to love. Jesus talked about peace, love and joy. So that was God's signature.

There is a constant theme of love. God loved US so much he gave his only son, love one another as I have loved you, love and pray for your enemy. Finally, there was a confident way to deal with Satan...then it was time for Jesus to go. In the end is said.." My peace I leave with you; My own peace I now give and bequeath to you...Do not let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27"
God/Jesus was at peace with the new tactics of keeping people from Satan...noting for us to be afraid of because all the bases are covered now. "Do not fear for I am with you..."God is with us in the beginning, middle, in Christ on Earth, and in the end. God truly loves us. God truly wants us to understand this.

God also gives us clues about how we, maybe like him, are in constant war with the devil. That we are a solider of God- we will put upon his armor and use the sword of the spirit (the Bible) to defeat Satan. Another interesting quote from Jesus in a literal sense- "those who live by the sword, die by the sword." Soldiers fought in battle with swords, and also was slain by a sword. This can also be considered by the sword in the Lord's armor...those who live in the word, will die in the word. That our battle against evil is constant, life long and til the end. God truly gives us all we need to deal with resisting giving into the devil.

So, what if all of this is simply because God and the fallen one did the same sort of deal like Job. What is we were created on a bet. A bet, then given instructions and signs on how to believe God over Satan, those did not work because we were not heavenly ..but earthy, then Jesus came to understand us, gave some modified instructions, returned to heaven and now they await the day when we will be sent to heaven or hell. A way to count up and see who won- God or Satan.

NOTE: This is all a simple discussion based on facts in the Bible. This is not a true reflection of what I believe in a whole, but a mere hey..what if...with some honest things to think about in there.

When you focus on the Lord's Prayer God wants us to - recognize our creator is in heaven and he is all good and holy. What he says will come, will come. That everyday we are to feed upon the word and live in it. We are to forgive, be compassionate, understanding and patient with others mistakes- for he is with ours. To basically live by the Golden Rule. By reading his word, practicing his word, understanding his word and praying every day we are prepared to resist giving into the devil. God is the all powerful King, our creator, and we are to be thankful and give him and only him credit for everything everyday.

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