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We are sent to this world to show Jesus Christ through us. There is a bigger price on the table, which is eternal life. Would you rather enjoy worldly pleasures and ignore about the life after or seek the Kingdom of God First and ignore the worldly pleasures to become like Christ? God does want us to enjoy life, but a life without Him is NOTHING.

Psalms 8 is a blessed chapter that explains the importance of our purpose. As the Bible says we are the Chosen Generation for Christ, so ACT like we are chosen. Leave all the worldly desires and everything that prevents from glorifying your creator. You are created for more than you know! We are a holy nation so BE HOLY AS HE IS HOLY. Look at the price , imagine what it would be like, living with Jesus, worshipping Him and adoring Him every minute and every second of your life! Set your eyes on all things above because we are called out for a SUPERNATURAL PURPOSE! Acknowledge it!
God bless you all. Much love❤

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