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Is " OUR FATHER " was our Lord Jesus prayer? Or it was a prayer pattern he thought to his disciples? It is very clear according to the scriptures, in Matthew 6:9-13 (9) "This then, is how you should pray: " Our Father in heaven, hollowed be your name,(10) your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.(11) Give us today our daily bread. (12) Forgives us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.(13) And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one (NIV)
As far as i understand, according to this passage of the scripture, it's very clear that it is not the Lord's prayer but a prayer that he thought to his disciples as a pattern for them whenever they pray. It cannot be the prayer also by our Lord jesus Christ. Why? Look at verse 12. Did Jesus sin ( 1 Peter 2:22 ; 1 John3:5 )? If Jesus did not commit even a single sin and no deceit has found in his mouth, does he really need to ask forgiveness to the father who sent him for us? Who need to asked forgiveness to the father, is it not the sinners ( like us )? But not Jesus our Lord.
The Bible is very clear, before he was arrested he prayed for himself ( John 17:1-5 ). He also prayed for his disciples and for all the believers. Here in the whole chapter of John 17 we can see that Jesus never asked his father to forgive him of his sins because he never committed even a single sin. In fact when Jesus was being arrested and sentenced to be crusified, he prayed for the forgiveness of these people's sins. That's our Lord Jesus, a very loving and passionate Lord, savior, God and redeemer. John 17 was the longest prayer ever recorded in the Bible by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Therefore, according to this truth, the prayer that most christians believe was " THE LORD'S PRAYER " was not really our Lord's prayer, but rather a prayer he just thought to his disciples as a pattern for them whenever they pray to the Father, which is also a prayer pattern for us all christians.
Try to check out all the personal prayers of our Lord Jesus Christ on the four Gospels and try to see if ever Jesus asked the Father to forgive him of sin he had committed. There is no one because Jesus never committed even a single sin during his time on earth.
Hope this will help christians to understand " THE TRUE LORD'S PRAYER " and the prayer he thought to his disciples.

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